Pre Chat survey's label is not showing up through ios App

When we try to open chat through our ios app then it is not showing up pre chat survey’s label . It is only happening through ios app , everywhere else working completely fine.

Hi @midwest.webteam ! :wave:

It looks like this is actually the implementation made with the hybrid software like Xamarin or something like that.
We do not officially support this type of implementation -> due to the environment limitations, it can happen that the pre-chat survey or other fields will not be rendered properly, but in case of such environments, there’s not much that we can do – you would have to take our native iOS SDK and rewrite it so that it will match the Xamarin (or other environments) libraries.

I would also recommend you to use our native iOS SDK that is officially supported by us (

Hope it helps!

Hey- It is not using ios app itself, we use our website inside the IOS app using the webview technology. can you please look this up as using livechat in a webview of IOS app"

We have noticed that sometimes requests in such implementations are blocked, and the assets visible in the chat widget are not loaded properly, but for now we cannot promise that such implementations will work properly every time.
Unfortunately, in this environment there’s not much we can do.

Unfortunately this isnt “sometimes” its all the time, across 10 applications and only on the IOS platform using webview.