Possibility to exclude keywords from user input in ChatBot

Hello there!

We were wondering, if that’s somehow possible to exclude some keywords from a user input? Thing is the visitors usually right, “Hi” and their request in the same message, and we have two paths from here:

  • one where the bot either greets the player and suggests categories to choose from (because he sees keywords like “Hi”, “Hello”, etc.);

  • another one depends on their request (looking for specific keywords), and branches into several scenarios;

At the moment it’s not possible to teach the bot to exclude a specific keyword from a user input, and if it sees “Hey” or “Hi” in the message, whatever the rest of message is - it will greet the player and proceed to give the main menu, when it should directly go to the request-specific scenario.

Any other way we could make it possible? Is this a planned feature to add to the bot arsenal by any means?

Many thanks for any info in advance!


I reached our ChatBot team, will let you know on the feedback :slight_smile: