Paid feature request: agent can contact to offline customers

Hi all,

I have set custom variables to push customer id of my own database into tracking code.

So now, I need a feature that helps the agent can contact to customers even they are offline.

In another hand, customers can leave a message to an agent whenever agents are offline.

Hello! :slight_smile:

You might be interested in our new feature – continuous chat. Currently, we are looking for beta testers for this feature, so if you are curious, feel free to try it :v:

You can find more information and sign-up on this page:

Check out the video about it!

Sound great. I am willing to be a special tester. Could you guide me on how to try it?

Great! We’ve added you to our “beta tests requesters” list :slight_smile: and if you match the criteria our researcher will contact you via email!

@Lukasz_W so how can I try this feature? :smiley:

For now, you were added to the requesters list.
We are going to review this list, basing on specified criteria and choose the participants that match them.
Then, we will contact them to register for the beta stage.

So, for now, thank you for your enthusiasm, we’ll get in touch if anything comes up! :v:

When will the feature be available?

We’re still developing this feature; as there are still some things to improve, there’s no ETA yet.

We’ll definitely announce it once it’s ready :slight_smile: