Out source off hours chat? Anyone else doing this and seeing results?

We started out sourcing live chat about 3 weeks ago during off hours (nights and weekends), and got tremendous results from it. Lots of messages, and some decent conversion rates after we followed up.

Is anyone else doing this? Any preferred providers you’d recommend?

At LiveChat we have quite big support team so we can handle all the chats, but I recommend you our partners:
The Chat Shop (we have @sean.cotter here)
Blue Sky Chat
Lead Chat

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Hey @josiah! Great to hear you’re thinking about those out of hours customers :wink: Happy to put you in touch with our team at The Chat Shop (you can book a time to chat here if you’d like) - we’ve seen some great results for out of hours staffing in the ecommerce space. How quickly are you looking to get things set up for LazerDesigns.com?