Marketing Automation Platform

Hello Guys,

Will be good if we Livechat start building Marketing Automation Platform and integrate this tool with Livechat and different product’s .

In Marketing automation platform I mean:

Sent Automate email’s and push notification to customers =)

That’s will be a great project.

Hi @Roy, thanks for the feedback.

We have plans to develop the email communication in LiveChat, but we can’t specify the exact features and ETA as we are still working on other developments.

Could you tell as more about the email automation features and cases when it wold be useful for you?


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No need to develop a marketing automation platform, all we need is an integration with Marketo per example.

Hi @xmedius,

Thanks for feedback. I believe this can be something I can bring up with the Developer Program team to see if they think it might be something they can do. I can’t guarantee any immediate results or if they’ll agree to it, I will inform you as soon as they give me the answers.

For now, you can connect LiveChat & Marketo using Zapier:

Hope it helps!