LiveChat Welcomes HelpDesk! introduce yourself! 😎

Hello! I’m Łukasz and I’m from the LiveChat team. :wave:

We’d like to welcome all HelpDesk users in our Community!

We’re glad that you’re finally here! Community is a place where you can ask any question concerning the product, but you can help expand and develop it! We’re also looking for beta-testers that are going to help us make HelpDesk more adjusted to your needs – that’s what Updates&feedback and Beta testers subsections are for.

But that’s not all – Community is for relationships and helping each other. Given that, if you have a question about your online business, or you would like to ask the Community about a certain topic, don’t hesitate! We have a place for it – we called it Learning Space. What’s more, in Best practices, you can learn about proven ways of using HelpDesk to use our product even better.
We also have an off-topic section, where you can talk about anything – your favorite book, your pet, or where you were during holidays.

This topic is for introducing yourself! You can start by telling us couple of things:

  • Where do you work and what’s your role?
  • What HelpDesk serves you for?
  • What book or podcast would you recommend to the community?
  • What’s your favourite movie?

Hi, glad to welcome you all! :wave:

I’m Weronika, and I’m a product content marketer. My mission is to make HelpDesk your top-of-mind ticketing system. I take care of the Learning Space and fill it with end-to-end courses, quick guides, and copyable templates. Be sure to visit this spot to get inspired.

Oh! The recent course The Essentials of Customer Support may be of interest to you, as some of you may deal with customer cases on a daily basis. I dispel all the myths, talk about best practices, and provide actionable tips by working with customer service professionals. This is your must-read :blush:

If you’re interested in something specific about customer service and online communication, feel free to write to me. I’d be happy to explore the topic, do some research, and put it all together in an easy-to-digest and well-rounded content piece.

:movie_camera: My favorite movie is Bridget Jones’s Diary. I’ve watched it about 20 times, and it never gets old :smiley:


Hello everyone! It’s great to be here finally. :wave:

I’m Zuzanna, and I am Social Media Specialist for HelpDesk. My primary goal is to provide you with the recent information in a second. I am taking care of all our social media, so I will be really glad if you follow some of them. Feel free to join our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Also, you can write to me here or on LinkedIn. I’m happy to help with everything.

:mage: My favorite movie is, of course, Harry Potter! (and Star Wars)


I’m Melissa, Director of Marketing for Valley Driving School. I’m a huge advocate of the LiveChat products, so I like to say I also work part-time for LiveChat - whether they know it or not, or pay me or not :smile: !! (Wishful thinking maybe - lol).

We have been a LiveChat customer for 4 years and this year became a HelpDesk customer. HelpDesk allows us to answer all our customer inquiries in one place - and we also use HelpDesk for internal communication/coaching on our agent’s chat conversations.

My favourite movie is Footloose - the original, not the remake, of course! :dark_sunglasses:



It’s my turn now :sunglasses:

I’m Łukasz, Community Manager at LiveChat. I take care of the connection between our users and our team :handshake:
I’ll be the one to present to you the latest product info, ask you how do you feel about using our apps, invite you to become one of our beta testers or maybe sometimes ask you how was your day :smiley:

If you would ask me about a good business book to read, I’d recommend you Delusions of Brandeur – it’s a great book if you want to be honest in your business communication.

And my favorite movie? The Great Beauty. Sorrentino is a genius :raised_hands:

If you have any questions, reach me via DM!

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