Livechat Oauth not working as expected

Hi, I have been wanting trying to authorize my app as stated here

But I keep getting error saying missing param or incorrect value. I have already gone through with LiveChat support and it seems like the request I have been making to be correct but not too sure why it is happening and suggested that I raise an issue in github, Livechat Oauth not working as expected. · Issue #2 · livechat/accounts-sdk · GitHub.

My request sample(the redirect uri is already whitelisted):

Did you solve this error? Can we apply this to a novel reading site ?

I’ll reach our tech support and come back to you with an answer :slight_smile:

I’m coming back with an answer.

The app you created is frontend app, but you’re trying to follow the authorization flow for a server-side one. You’ll either need to change the type of his app or change the response_type to token instead of code.
As documented here:

Tell me if that helps!


Thanks a lot for pointing that out, it enabled me to figure out the problem and continue with my work. Appreciate it.


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