LiveChat lags -speed of connection - desktop v online

I am looking for recommendations to make LiveChat work more efficiently for me.

I am in a place with a weak internet connection (for now) - supposedly 6mbps but often less. That is probably my main problem.

I often have time lags that stop me getting to the chat initially for a long time.

LC also disconnects frequently throughout the day.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any recommendations?

It seems obvious that one should try to:

  • not run other heavy programs while using LC
  • not have too many other windows open while using LC

How about the app v the online version? I am now using the online version since with the app these problems all arise. No conclusion yet if online is any better.


Hi @gavin

Try the following:

Log into the LiveChat application for web browsers that disables the websockets. Please use the following link:

As a confirmation, you should see the “debug for: websockets off” message in the top right section of the app:


I hope it will help,


Hi Daria. Thanks. What does that do (in layman’s terms)?

Hi @gavin,

Sure :slight_smile:
To put it straight, if you have a weak internet connection, your app should work better with disabled websockets.

I hope that it’s clear now :slight_smile: