Livechat Dashboard

Hello Guys,

How often do use Livechat dashboard?

It’s really good tool to monitor your web site, Chat’s and ticket’s.

I’m planing to buy a big monitor for my support team and open LC Dashboard there.


BTW: Will be good if you add there “Log in user Number”

Hi Roy, Rogor har.
I am wondering, in what uses could the dashboard be utilised apart from the typical monitoring?
It would suggest the option of generating reports from the Dashboard because it would be much more convenient to have them all in one place, especially for those who will be using the dashboard for monitoring and evaluating purposes. But apart from that, i am out of ideas, what else can the dashboard be useful to?

Hello georgek.

IMO the biggest advantage of Dashboard in LiveChat is that it doesn’t take agent seat. It lets supervisors (and boss :smiley: ) in company to take a look at current number of chats, unanswered tickets, visitors on website, etc. It’s also a good tool for agents. Imagine 6 agents answering chats at the same time, and one of them wonders if he can take a break - one peek at Dashboard is enough to measure the possibility.


I think the current live Dashboard is OK, but there’s a lot more that I would do if I were able to customize it. I would love to see a Geckoboard integration!

Amazing feature.

@bernardo @Roy

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