Ideas for improvements

Hi everyone.
My name is Lukasz and I find myself as a heavy user with over 4 years of experience and team growth from 3 to 23 agents.

There are a few things in Livechat I really feel lack of. Looking forward to your thoughts.

  1. Flags for agents
    As long as we speak with customers in more than one language it is useful to inform a customer about languages that an agent speaks.
    Currently, we have a solution wrote in CSS but it is not flexible and I would rather find it as a customization in Livechat.


  1. Manager account
    I do not speak with customers myself but to manage my team or check reports I need to be logged in and take a seat dedicated to agents.
    Would be really great to have a special type of account for managing purposes.

  2. Dashboard
    a) I display the dashboard on a tv screen in the middle of the agent’s office to let them better control the queue, tickets and logged agents. It is important but as you know from point 2 -> takes a seat.
    Would be really cool to have it available without agent cost.
    b) Customizations - currently, we can only see “Real time” and “Last 7 days” stats with an option to filter by groups.
    I personally feel the need of different timeframes and displayed parameters. For example “Current month” instead of “Last 7 days”.

  3. Visitors limit
    Most of the time we see on the dashboard or customers list around 400 visitors/all customers. It seems to be the top limit of visitors counter and I am wondering why is that so.
    Would be great to see the real number of visitors to better understand the traffic.

  4. Urgent queue message
    The biggest queues in our history were mostly about the one thing at the time. I have tried many times to use queue message to inform customers about the reason and save their time of waiting to enter the chat.
    Since we have more than 1 group it’s quite messy to change content for every group and later remember to change it back to your default.
    My idea is to put there additional option e.g. “urgent message” which will be replacing the default message for all groups (or picked) + on/off button to make it visible or not.
    This kind of mechanism allows us to quickly inform every person in a queue about the situation and save time on both sites.

I am curious about community thoughts and the LiveChat team ofc.


Wow! Thanks a lot for this feedback! I’m passing it to LiveChat teams responsible for different parts of the product.

Speaking of the ‘manager seat’ - can I give your email to @Michal? He would like to ask some more questions :slight_smile:

Sure, no problem :wink:

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