How to automatically follow up via email?


First of all, I’ve been trying to chat with LiveChat support for days, with no success. LiveChat’s live chat doesn’t work at all. (Isn’t it funny?)

Now the real question: how can I configure LiveChat to automatically follow up chat conversations to email if the customer doesn’t get any reply or stop replying to agents?


Hi @GOTAM :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that. While there can be several reasons for our live chat to stop working, I recommend you to try in incognito mode with direct chat link or with another browser:
or reach us via email if it won’t work either –
Our Support Heroes will be happy to help :raised_hands:

Concerning your question – currently, there is no option to automate that. An agent can send the transcript of the conversation to the customer, asking, for example, if he needs anything else, but it has to be done manually.