How do you all set up your Teams so that they can view each others' tickets but not take actions on them


To keep it simple, let’s say that I have two Teams using HelpDesk: Support and Sales. I want to make it possible for both Teams to view each others’ tickets, but not reply to them, or at the very least, not have each others’ tickets showing up in the other’s Unassigned list.

The Problem

An example scenario where it’s needed is a client sending an email to Support, referencing some feature that the Sales team talked about. Because the agent working on that ticket isn’t in the Sales team, they won’t be able to see what the client talking about, so will have to wait until someone from the Sales team is available to send screenshots of the full conversation that happened with that particular client.

Alternatives that I’ve considered but won’t work

  1. Setting everyone as an Admin: With this, they’ll be able to view the tickets but not take any actions (I’ve just confirmed this behaviour with HD support, and they also confirmed that it’s only limited to Admin). However, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with making every single person in the company an Admin just so that they can view tickets from other teams.
  2. Putting everyone on just one single team. This way, they’ll be able to see each others’ tickets, but the problem then becomes that the tickets for the different teams will end up in the same Unassigned list. So each agent will have to check each ticket to see if it’s meant for them. I’m not a fan of this as it seems like it’ll take up an unnecessary amount of effort.

So yeah, it would be amazing if some else has had this problem before and figured out a way to make it work.

Hi @Jonathan.Pic-Time :wave:

I asked our HelpDesk support about it and I’m back with the answer :handshake:

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated feature to achieve that. An eventual workaround would require to make, as you said, all users admins, but this won’t work.
There is also another option: you’d have to create a free viewer read-only account for every agent (for example for an email with an alias), but it would require agents to operate on two separate accounts in two browsers or incognito mode(or in LC app on one account and in browser on another).

Let me know if that helps :handshake:

Hey @Lukasz_W! I’m so sorry that I only just saw this.

It’s not ideal, but it’s better than waiting for the other teams to send screenshots, so we’ll probably roll with that for now.

Ok, thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: