Have you already used a chatbot with LiveChat?

Hi guys,

We would like to talk with you about chatbots :robot::robot::robot:

Some of you might have already met Monica, our FAQ bot inside the app, that we created using the ChatBot integration (previously BotEngine).

It helps you find answers to the most popular questions and can transfer you to one of our Support Heroes if a case requires it. Monica, as well as the rest of our bots, help us deliver faster and more efficient service.

What about you? Have you already used bots on your website? If yes, what have you used them for (lead generation, gathering surveys, after-hours support, etc.)?

Any interesting chatbot use cases or ideas worth sharing?


I need to mention our Halloween version of Richard the Bot bcs I love it ;D


Im super nervous to try to use a chatbot Its probably because Im a control freak lol. My interactions with chatbots when I am the visitor have not really been that great and within one or two messages I tend to be wanting a person anyways.

Our business is so diverse (multiple divisions, multiple locations, multiple programs) as well as we are government regulated. In addition we operate as a help desk for scheduling (and in the future a help desk for e-learning course completion). Im super nervous about setting up the chatbot to be thorough enough but not frustrating, as well its kinda overwhelming trying to think of every scenario that the chatbot may need to answer.

Does anyone have any tips or information that would help me make a more educated decision, instead of one just based on the fear of the unknown? :open_mouth:


Hi @melissa.hannam

I do understand your concerns but I think chatbot doesnt have to cover all parts of the business and together with LiveChat agents it can build a fast and efficient team.

In the beginning, its worth trying to focus on one location and topic or task that bots can help with. For example, you can create a bot that classifies visitors before they schedule an appointment. A human agent would already have all needed information without going through same script over and over. The scheduling process could also be automated as the next step of the implementation.

ChatBot offers a training feature that can help you with thinking of all possible scenarios for the bot and improve it on daily basis. Additionally, you can just program it to transfer the chat to human agents when the topic isnt recognized. Let me know what you think about the ideas :slight_smile:.

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I have been thinking about implementing that on our website but did not able to find enough time to research deep. Setting up the algorithm and rules would take a bit long time for us I think.

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We started trying the chatbot this week it was super scary leaving overnight and coming in the next morning to see what mayhem awaited us. First night was not so good, it didnt understand a lot, but that definitely helped us tweak it to be better and the last 2 nights have been not bad.

I agree that it totally has to be improved on a daily basis, but so far not too bad. Thanks for giving me the push to try it!


Hi there,

We are planning to implement a ChatBot to our business. We support 23 languages and have a lot of websites. All websites are dating websites and our support responds to the same questions from all visitors but, as there are a lot of languages to support, we are not sure how to start. Any ideas or advice for supporting different languages with one chat bot?


Hi @marijakostic250

You can make ChatBot multilingual in two ways:

  1. Using the filters - first, youll have to ask the visitor to choose the language, and then, basing on the answer, show the action in the correct language. With this setup, youll be able to create one, universal path that will switch to the visitors language automatically (you wont have to duplicate the story path for each language). Heres how it will look like:

  2. By duplicating each interaction and translating it to the correct language.

You can also contact our support and they can help you with the details: support@chatbot.com

Thank you for the quick response Daria :slight_smile: The first option looks like a better solution. However, when choosing quick replies to make a language list, it allows me to add only 11 choices and we need 23 :frowning:

Any other way where I can choose 23 languages in offered options?

Hi @marijakostic250 ,

Yes, its possible, and there are two options to do so:

a) you can either divide the answer into two parts: continents and the countries,

b) or ask a client to provide the country/language, however, it may cause the situation that somebody answers just hello when asked about the language.

To get what you ask for, you need to set up filters properly and get the flow right. It may seem a bit complicated but integrations lay down the limits, and we need to stick to them to maintain compatibility.

Thats why I would advise you to contact our support department via email - support@chatbot.com - they will help you customize everything.