Halloween Campaign Practice

Hi there,

Holiday season is on the way and I just remembered the campaign we created last year using live chat for Halloween.

We sometimes give some promo codes for the customers inside our commercial emails and that time we told them to come and play trick or treat on chat. All our agents changed their profile pictures to Halloween theme things and we also created canned responses for the agents to ask “trick or treat” to every customer come to chat that day and gave them different discount codes according to their response.

That was fun and also worked great. Made us a solid uplift on bookings for that day also.

Maybe you wanna try that concept. It’s yours :slight_smile:


The trick or treat campaign is a cute idea!

While we haven’t done this, we did change our profile pictures to some Hallowe’en themed logos! We’ve had one customer specifically mention it while we were chatting with them (which is awesome!).

We keep our Agents all using the company logo, not individual profile pictures, so this was a cool thing to do that added a bit of personality into our pictures!


I love this idea!

@melissa.hannam I guess it might interest you :slight_smile:

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Haha! @sam.strong works with me, so yes I love the idea!


We wanted to make something cool on our website too inspired by your story! We decided to make a customized, scary eye-catcher.
It will be available from tomorrow on our website :slight_smile:

This is the backstage photo visit https://www.livechat.com/ tomorrow to see the final effect.


Wow, so nice to hear that. Looking forward to see them :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,

As promised, the eye-catcher is available on our website. And Agnieszka is the star :slight_smile: Thanks for the inspiration!

And speaking of… The way you use LiveChat on Halloween also inspired me to create my newest blog post. Check it out! -> Halloween on chat!

Playing trick or treat with customers on chat, revaming pictures and logos, using eye-catchers to embrace Halloween vibes… it’s all there. I just hope other people will find it useful and get creative too. Thanks again! :slight_smile: