Data & discussion. How to engage website visitors to chat?

Hi LiveChat Users :slightly_smiling_face:!

Our Research Team has conducted a series of user research recently. In one of the tests, we investigated why some website visitors are unwilling to use a live chat option to contact a company. We thought that our internal findings might be of use to you.

But that’s not all. We also want to share with you our tips to stimulate visitors to start a chat on a website, build better relationships and close more sales as a result.

Here we go! :slight_smile:

What discourages users from live chat communication?

a) Unreliable agents

Users who took part in our research claimed that seeing the same photo of an agent many times at one website arises concerns regarding agent reliability. A similar effect is provoked when an agent uses a very common name or a stock photo.

Quick Tip: Use a set of real names and photos of agents. As a result, customers will be more likely to assume that the agent from the photo is serving them at the moment.

b) Invasive eye-catchers or greetings

Based on our study, users want to keep control of their interaction with the website. They want to see that the chat is available, however, some of them don’t want to be poked to start a chat. In effect, big greetings or eye-catchers that cover a big part of the website may be perceived as a bit disturbing by them.

Quick Tip: Customize your eye-catcher so that it matches your website. Check whether it doesn’t cover important pages’ elements. You can ask your team to do some testing and gather their feedback concerning the type of eye-catcher, its size, colors, or copy, etc.

c) Unavailable agents
When users contact the company via Facebook Messenger, they are often informed that they will receive an answer within a certain period. In the case of social media, customers got used to such a pattern.

However, when it comes to a live chat option implemented on a website, customers expect instant, immediate, and effortless answers. Our tests showed that users may get discouraged from using a contact form, seeing that an agent is not available.

Quick Tip: If your agents can’t cover customer service 24/7, you can use ChatBot. It can answer the most popular questions, book appointments, or calls with your representatives.

We’d also advise creating a comprehensive help center/ Knowledge Base/ FAQ so that customers can find specific information on their own.

We hope that our internal insights will help you connect with your customers via LiveChat more often.

What’s more, feel free to share your insights on the topic. We would love to learn how you encourage your website visitors to communicate via chat. :speech_balloon::slightly_smiling_face:

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