Customer authentication in web widget


I wanted to ask for a feature to be considered/or check if it is already in the road-map for ability to control the CustomerID in LiveChat web widget.

The problem we are facing here is that LiveChat itself creates CustomerID and then saves it in cookie (so to recognize returning customer, retrieve chat history etc.).
As we are using LiveChat for authenticated customers only (as support function), there comes the problem - if it’s a shared computer (say, single family laptop used by all), anyone who logs into our customer portal, gets the same common chat and sees all the history (which may contain also sensitive information).
I’ve been on chat with support about this two times, and there is no other solution than either disabling chat history as such or writing our own widget (which would be an overkill, there are other live chat products that support this).

Do you have plans for implementing this or would consider to be included in future?


Let me ask the product team, I’ll be back with an answer shortly :slight_smile:

I’m back with an answer :wave:

We have this feature on our roadmap and we plan to implement it, but we can’t share yet any specific ETA.

Hope it helps!

I have a blog website wbteck and I want to have a live chat feature on it. Can you please guide me the whole process.

You might check our “Install LiveChat section” in Help Center: