CRM Data import and Visitor Name


Please allow as possibility to rename Visitor after he/she start the chat.

Most of companies not using pre chat surveys and they asking Customer data after chat.

It’s will be a good if we give agent possibility to rename Visitor, add email and note’s.

also Most of CRM Integration in Livechat working on Pre chat surveys.
Will be a good if Agent can add Lead to CRM without pre chat surveys.

Thank you =)


Thanks for the question, I passed your request to our team.

As for now, you can change the visitors’ details while chatting, by integrating LiveChat with Pipedrive or Salesforce.

For instance, the Pipedirve integration allows you to not only add a contact from an ongoing or archived chat but also see if a customer, who is chatting with you, is already in your base.

That’s why you need a pre-chat survey, as based on the email a customer provides, the integration can give you the information whether it’s a recurring visitor or a new one.