Creating custom "bot" for e commerce site

I am wondering if it is possible to create a custom chatbot where it is integrated with my e commerce site. An example being that a user gives the bot their email and the bot then has access to that users data like purchase history, account info, other things that are unique to my site as well as customer service where the bot can guide them to the correct answer based off options.

I am on a Wordpress woocomerce site where we sell digital software and there are a lot of chatbot options but none of them seem have access to user data and they only seem to help users choose a product but I am looking for more of a customer service type of bot for answering specifc questions about products, help with product installation, help even using the products.

Hi @pixelfilmstudios,

Do you use ChatBot and LiveChat integration? (you can learn more about the integration here -

Because you could use a webhook to access user data (It depends on whether you pass data do LiveChat via custom variables or not).

When a user provides their email, ChatBot will execute a webhook, assign this mail to it, and send it your system. Then it will be able to verify if it exists in your database as well as to add additional data so that they can be used by ChatBot while the conversation.