Controlling the LiveChat client view/window

I am using LiveChat API to add users to new chats using external queuing.

Is there any interface or command line parameters to request that the Windows desktop app open on the chat page/view or even open a specific thread?

With the web UI in a browser, I can open URLs to

Is there a way to to accept a new thread on an agents machine?

It will be fine if I can at least bring the window with the LiveChat UI in to focus so that the agent will be aware of a chat to deal with - a request to add the agent to the chat run in the background via the API.
For the desktop app, this would at least mean some scripting.
The UI should be in view, with a notification badge on the Chats icon, or in a browser, the thread will be displayed.

Any advice on this will be appreciated.

I’m afraid that there’s not much that you can do in this case. You can try to open the app with the additional inspector parameter, added to the target element of the app’s shortcut -> this will allow you to open the console within the desktop app and, for example, run a script that would perform a set of actions for an agent.

Unfortunately, we do not have any available examples, and this is not something that we officially support.

Ok, thanks Lukasz.

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