Chat window closing when visitors navigate to other webpages

Has anyone encountered issues with the LiveChat window closing sometimes when visitors navigate to other pages on their website?

We’ve had a few people mention it happening to them lately, so I tested it this morning and the very first time I tried to navigate to a new page, the chat did indeed close. I restarted the chat and then tried again, and it wasn’t a further issue.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if there is anything I can do to fix it or if there is a reason why it’s closing the chat. Obviously we want to have the chat remain open at all times (or until the visitor chooses to close the chat). It doesn’t work well when you send a visitor a link to another page, but as soon as they click it, the chat closes on them.

Thanks for any insight you have!

Hi @melissa.hannam
I’m sorry you’re experiencing such problems.

I talked with our support and they don’t recall such an issue so in this case, the best way is to contact our support team on chat.

They will need to know more details like, for example, the browser you’re using and pages on which the problem occurs. They also asked if you can record a video to demonstrate how it happens.

Hope the problem will be fixed soon!

Thanks! I have chatted with a support agent and they were not able to replicate the issue, but are looking in to it further.

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Thanks for the update!

Hi, this happens if 3rd party cookies are disabled in the user’s browser, the chat will ‘close’ and start fresh if you move to a new page

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