Chat Filtering on Custom variables

Is there any way I can set a filter on custom variables which we send from our site?

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Hi @andrew.micallef,

Could you tell us more details? What kind of filters would you like to set up, where and why?

Hi @Daria ,

I was referring to filters over here

We have 8 different sites with thousands of chats per month. WE want to give our most important custmers a better service and be able to segment. We are already sending some custom variables like “is the player a VIP or not?” SO if we can have a filter for VIP players than our agents can chat with these players first. We have much more segments which we would like to split, this is why it would be greatly beneficial. It would also be useful as we could split customers to different agents based on filters, and change them easily according to daily needs.

Hi @andrew.micallef,

Currently, there is no way to do so. But we have already planned it and are going to offer it in the future.

Hi @Daria,

I would really like to get an indication of when this will happen?


We are working on major changes now and because of that, we can’t state the ETA at the moment.

Hi @Daria,

Is it possible to show the custom variables as a column just like the other data ?

Hi @andrew.micallef,

The situation is the same. We plan to add it, but after we complete the changes we are working on at the moment.