Best ways to get rid of trolls on chat

Chat agents,

How do you deal with trolls on chat? Do you answer their questions or just ignore them? What’s the best way to get rid of them?

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We are polite, advise closing, close and block ,we have had some which we can see are Users on a customer account so we contact the customer, our customers love the fact we can see the info of where from and we act o let them know


I agree with Sue. Just be polite and don’t engage with them at their level. Most times when they can’t get reaction out of the agent, they move on.


Trolls… Trolls never change.

I worked over a year on the first line of support in LC and I met a lot of them. My advice that I give to our support rookies is to be polite and patient and in extreme situations - just ignore them. Of course, there is a ban feature that can help (which technically can’t be perfect - banning is based on IP and/or cookies, and there is always a way to avoid it :slightly_frowning_face:).

I can also recommend you to use bot as the first line of support. When we started using bots for our support chat (first on the main website, later in our app) we noticed that we got fewer spam chats and trolls than before. So it’s also some kind of way to handle it :slight_smile:

Question from me - what do you do with stalkers? Recently some members of LiveChat Support team got their own stalkers… I don’t want to give a lot of personal details here - my idea was to change the name and photo of an agent, so the stalker will finally give up. But maybe there are other options?


Our experience is similar to those above. I think you have to take the “person” right out of it - you will know very quickly if this person is real or just wasting time or trying to manipulate or use bad language etc. Train your advisers really well. Make sure they know about the use of “space” - trouble with any “instant messaging” is the agent can get too involved and keep the string going around and around… if they sit back, and apply the rule of wait at LEAST a minute before they reply to this person then they get control back. When in control you can be very calm and say "I am closing the chat … and say why. I do think you should be honest - however it’s about being polite (it could after all be someone who just isnt very good at typing or isnt able to express themselves well) but firm and shut them down quick as you can. If the agent is upset by this person you should have a way they can talk about it - sometimes agents take the troll personally.


We had a “stalker” incident. One of my agents had someone from her personal past come into the chat and say “is this so-and-so who used to live here and used to work at such-and-such office?”. It threw her for a loop at first, but she handled it so well, by telling the visitor this was not appropriate and to contact her privately to communicate. That seemed to be effective as he has not returned.


Thanks fo sharing your experience! Unfortunately identity of our stalker is unknown :frowning: For now we are trying to ignore him.

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Being in a gaming company, we get a lot of them. We just validate their concerns if it is legit by asking for “verifiers”. If proven as a troll, we ban them right away.


We deal with them daily, really wish LC had an option to decline or deny a chat request.


I once was a witness of a really stormy discussion at our company. One person had slightly different opinion in form of our strategy and he started shouting. Our boss said that he won’t listen to his “arguments” when he’s shouting (he knew it won’t bring any good). Usually when one person is emotional, the other gets carried away too. But the key is to remain calm. The same with trolls. Ignore them and don’t let them get on your nerves. They are just bored and looking for entertainment.
I loved Melissa’s simple advice: “don’t engage with them at their level. Most of the times when they can’t get reaction out of the agent, they move on.” They need to know they won’t get anything from you. If nothing else works, just ban them.


It would be a very nice idea to have a Troll Bot, so each time you get a troll, you launch your own auto troll to fire back.
Then you just sit back and enjoy the show.


We’ve definitely had more than our fair share of trolls, but it’s also a difficult line to draw. You can tell, almost immediately sometimes, whether someone is not a real lead or they’re not really contacting you for support, however, it doesn’t immediately turn them into trolls.

Typically, I ‘play along’ in that I treat them like any other client, because it’s not usually going to take much time away from my day, and it’s better to think of the person on the other side of the screen as lost and perhaps ignorant rather than malicious.

I’m sure there are agents who have dealt with malicious actors, too, but I’m lucky enough to have only ever gotten bizarre conversations and requests for dates.


Hello Guy’s,

I got a major problem with my livechat, There someone have spam my account. it using some software and keep spammy chat over and over even after I banned. becuase it using random IP

Do you guys have any solution or facing this issue like this ?

Is it a real person or a bot? An example of what he is doing exactly would help for a better suggestion

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I understand that spammy chats are very annoying. As Quarties wrote, we generally recommend using a ban feature or a chatbot as it can handle spammy conversations. We also use it and have observed fewer spams since we have it.

@multipoker88, I’ve talked with our Support Hero and it turned out that you guys have just resolved this case. The spammer were getting to the chat using the direct chat link so we’ve blocked the direct chat link using URL rules. Hope you won’t have more problems with it.

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Last week we had a really problematic troll case. The person was an actual customer at first. He was actually a customer and tried to make a hotel reservation on our website. At the time he tried to confirm the reservation, availability gone and the booking is failed. In these kind of cases we directly cancel the charge we make, however, it takes some time until the bank reflect the cancellation on the statement.

So basically our agents explained it to the customer, however he did not want to believe and started spamming our chat. At first he was coming through his own IP and we explained the situation again and again. After that, he found a way to come to chat with multiple sessions at the same time and it locked the queue. He was creating new IP addresses at the same time and coming to chat with 10 unique users. It was not possible for us to understand if it’s him or another customer.

He kept doing it for 3 days by spamming all three shifts and he started to know every single agent and their shifts as well. That was the time I was notified by the team that they are unable to solve that problem and asked me if we can do something.

Actually, sometimes taking the things basic can be a really good solution for me. I just advised them to ask for a phone number and call him directly. It’s always amazing to have the chat service but sometimes it is really necessary to hear a real person telling the story from the beginning and make you feel comfortable. He was there in chat already as he do for 3 days.

Basically, I asked the team to call him and tell every single step one by one and give him a timeframe of the process. They did it. We did not get any spam chats from him again. I also asked a specific agent to follow up the case and call him daily even there’s no update. This made him feel comfortable.

To sum up, everything can be solved with a bit of empathy in customer experience and sometimes the best way to solve a complex issue is the basic way. The thing is, he had no issues with us personally. He just wanted his problem to be solved, nothing else.


Thanks for sharing the story @oguz!

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