Best piece of music for work – what do you listen during your support shifts?

With our Social Media team (mainly @Szymon_Bialas :raised_hands: ) we are creating the best Spotify playlist for intensive shifts

We would like to include your favourite pieces as well!
So, here’s the question – what is your favorite music to listen to during your support shifts, especially intensive ones?

You can share a link to Spotify/Apple Music or YouTube video below, and remember – the more honest you are, the better!
If you are not an english-speaking person on an everyday basis and will share with us something local, we’ll appreciate it even more! :slight_smile:

Here are some best pieces from our support department:
Some of us listen to POWER from Kanye West:

or Night of Fire by Initial D

or some dope anime soundtrack:

What are your best propositions?