Autotask Integration

We love the interface and overall usability of LiveChat. However, getting chat transcripts into our Autotask ticketing system is difficult.

In our Pre-chat survey, we have the customer fill out their email address, as this is how our ticketing system identifies them. Then, when the chat is closed, it sends out the transcript.

Unfortunately, in order for this to work well, we’d need to “spoof” the email that gets sent from LiveChat to our system. Right now, the chat transcript comes from I need to have those emails sent from whatever email address the client fills out so that it comes in with the right Company and Contact when it opens the ticket.

Is there a way to do this fairly easily? I’m a decent software admin, but utterly useless when it comes to programming or coding.

Hi @christian

As you said the transcript is sent from our support email and currently there is no default option to change it.

However, you could ask a developer for help as it’s possible to create an integration so that webhooks that contain the customer’s email can pass it to your software. Here’s the link to our documentation: