Ask Me Anything: Alex Wilson, LiveChat VP of Sales

Hello LiveChat Community!
Welcome to first LiveChat AMA! :tada:

We’d like to introduce to you one of our most qualified people of LiveChat: Alex Wilson, VP of Sales! :raised_hands:

Alex is a SaaS Business Leader with a decade of B2B and B2C expertise who is passionate about sales, marketing, and customer success. He believes sales is fundamentally b2h (business 2 human) at its core. As LiveChat’s VP of Sales, he is responsible for growing LiveChat’s sales org in a replicable and scalable fashion while focusing on customer impact globally. Alex oversees new business, customer growth, and key account management. When he isn’t selling, you’ll find Alex hiking with his wife, playing with his newborn son, or doing DIY projects.

You can write your questions below, and on Wednesday, December 2nd, he’ll answer them here in a form of a video.

See you next week! :wave:


Hi Alex, I’m a LiveChat solutions partner representing various clients across the retail industry. As part of our solution, we have built custom LiveChat integrations including product catalogues, a questionnaire tool, and video chat to name a few. These integrations we’ve built and your platform’s ability to host them is what draws our clients to your platform.

With that said, we’re constantly watching out for your new API and feature releases to see where we can integrate further. Would you be able to give us some insight into where you see the evolution of your third party integrations going and what we have to look forward to in the upcoming year?


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google my business text message integration! Please!

We get a fair amount of messages this way and I really wish we could manage it via LiveChat like we do with Messenger, Apple Business Chat & text messages.

Hi Alex!

Here are some questions straight from the LiveChat team :wink:
-> What is your process of building B2B sales strategy? Does it differ from B2C strategy?
-> What are your favourite books/resources on sales?
-> What are your recommended books on leadership?

Thanks :raised_hands:

Hello Melissa,
Currently, we concentrate on integrating Apple Business Chat as good as we can, but we’re also aware of Google Business Messages’ utility – if anything comes up, we will let you know :slight_smile: