About visitors chat directional assignments for Live Chat

We are an e-commerce company, there is a website selling products.
Customers sign up for membership on the site, so each customer has a unique email address that they can identify.
Each customer has a corresponding sales person in charge.
We recently purchased Livechat.
How to achieve the membership users come in the website, when they consulting questions automatically assigned to the corresponding sales agent?
To summarize:
1.How to automatically identify the membership users and the corresponding sales through email info when chat ?
2.How is it automatically assigned to a specified sales ? :joy:

Hi Jason! Let me check it with our support team and I’ll come back with the answer asap :raised_hands:

Hi Jason! Sorry for the late response!

You could create groups, assign agents to particular groups and use the direct chat link that leads to the particular group=particular agent. How does it sound?