A team your LiveChat need to assemble to face the Holiday Season 🤝

Even if we want to sell more products as a company, the purpose of this topic isn’t to persuade you to buy another one of our tools. I’d like to show you how you can diversify your support tools to enhance your performance. Your thoughts and feedback are really valuable to us as well!

If you’re using mainly LiveChat and it serves you well, but you still struggle in this very intensive period, when the stakes are high, but demand is even higher, this is the article for you. Right now, we are in the Holiday season – Black Friday is already behind us, but the rest of the Q4, especially before Christmas is usually intensive as well, particularly in the industries like retail.

Support is relying on teamwork on multiple levels. Just as you need to assemble a group of people to achieve a certain goal, your support tools also can form a team in order to help you meet the demands of your customers. Let’s take a look on couple of different products and see how they can complement each other in everyday work.

player 1 – HelpDesk
The manager – the one that will face all the mess and speed up the process through efficient structure

HelpDesk is created out of pain. While it might sound gruesome, this is a good description of its design process. We learned what were the most common pains of support agents and created a tool that meet the pain points.

The first area of pain is when customer requests appear in different places out of the blue. When you have to deal with various requests via different tools and channels, it is difficult to manage them properly.

Another thing is repetition. Support agents that we surveyed told us that many tasks are repeated over and over again. Solving them manually takes a lot of time, which could be successfully used in another way.

HelpDesk helps you to solve these problems – using it, you can:

  • Have one shared dashboard with all your customer messages as manageable tickets. Messages drop into the help desk system from multiple communication channels, so you don’t have to switch between them.
  • Give your tickets a clear priority . In HelpDesk, you have a choice of four ticket priorities so you know the urgency and resolution order. You can properly allocate your time and energy.
  • Set status for tickets. Statuses show you the communication flow and the ticket resolution progress.
  • Add descriptive tags to categorize and characterize customer cases.
  • Create custom and shared views from filtered tickets. You can always have the most critical tickets on hand as soon as you enter the software.
  • Assign the customer ticket to the responsible person and team . An essential part of effective teamwork is to know your duties and have them clearly listed.
  • Handle requests quickly with easy-to-configure automated workflows . You can delegate some repetitive tasks and spend the time you save on complex and challenging cases.
  • Use canned responses, which are pre-built message templates you can use when talking to the customer. You don’t have to type the text. With just one click, you’re all set to send your response.

As we said – this is not a topic created specifically in order to sell you things. It’s not like other help desk solutions aren’t efficient tools which could serve you in a similar manner. But if you want to test HelpDesk, check our 14-day trial, no credit card required.

Next time, I will cover another player – very fast, repetitive and efficient. Stay alert!

Let’s introduce Player 2 – ChatBot! :v:

the master in his area – the one that will be extremely efficient in an confined environment and will release you from repetitive tasks

If we would like to compare chatbot to a real person, it would probably the one that we often describe as “working like a machine”. Always prepared, always at the right place at the right time. Constantly learning and collecting insights, even if usually it needs an introduction to the topic before getting to work. :ok_hand:

It would be one of those people, who, under proper leadership, will quickly become independent and do their job properly. They would also do a really great job of releasing their superiors from the flow of repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus and, as a consequence, quickly become indispensable. :handshake:

ChatBot is exactly like that. We build it to release real agents from repetitive tasks and provide informations, answer questions, schedule appointments for customers across multiple channels. For example, our custom chatbot has handled 313,406 chats, accounting for 35% of all traffic, in the last three years . Simply put, this means that one ChatBot Story manages the work of 10 support agents.

Here are the top things this player can do for you:

  • Chatbots can work as the first line of customer support and answer popular customer questions 24/7.
  • They can automate booking appointments, and that helps businesses manage onsite customer visits with more efficiency.
  • Customer service chatbots let you scale up your support services without increasing employee headcount.
  • With chatbots, you can connect with potential leads in real time and pass new contacts to your CRM automatically. They help companies collect and automate many of their business activities. For example, chatbots can collect leads on Facebook Messenger, educate website visitors about products and offers, or take food orders.
  • When required, chatbots can transfer a customer to a human agent to ensure they receive adequate support.

If ChatBot was a real person, it would also be the one that rarely comes to work unprepared. For now, it offers 18 ready-to-use templates, designed to be used in different industries (e.g. real estate market, university or restaurant) or in various occasions – collecting customer feedback, granting discounts, tracking packages, and many more!

Feel free to check our 7-day trial and see if it is a proper teammate for you!

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Don’t forget to give your ChatBot some personality! It can be fun and increase visitor engagement. We have 2 Chatbots - Mr. ro-BOT-o for our customers and his girlfriend Anne-Droid for our staff. They are both a little sassy, but still professional and our visitors enjoy it! :robot:

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@melissa.hannam Nice! :robot:
And what your customers can actually do through the chatbot? Does it serve only for presenting information, or you are also using it for scheduling a driving lesson, for example?

Let’s take a look at our third player – SnapCall :ok_hand:

It’s the investigator – the one that will look closer and examine each case to present a solution

Some cases need more focus than others and this is normal. Our today’s player finds delight in situations in which all your attention has to be concentrated on one specific thing – creative thinking and problem solving are his strongest domains.

As human beings, we are constantly drawn by other people. Their faces, voices, even mere signs of presence are best at drawing our attention. That’s why the human face is widely used in advertisements, which primary target is to make. us. look.

SnapCall uses this in favor of customer support. Allowing agents to make a voice or video call straight from the chat makes them capable of facing problems that would be hard to solve only via text messages. It also makes it easier for the customer to explain the nature of the problem when using screen sharing or a smartphone camera.

Teams using SnapCall’s solution for LiveChat reported that switching to a call in complex support situations decreased average handle time (AHT) by roughly 30% . As a result, agents can efficiently handle more customer queries without spending too much time on complex cases.

When are web calls most useful?

  • Explaining difficult matters . Web calls are beneficial when introducing new features and product updates or taking customers through a complicated setup. Clarifying all the details by messaging back and forth makes an agent lose a lot of time in these types of cases. Meanwhile, switching to an audio or video call, or even enabling screen sharing, allows agents to conveniently and quickly explain the situation.
  • Sharing confidential information . Customers feel much safer sharing personal data, such as their first and last name, address, and payment information, while on a call.
  • Serving a specific customer segment . For example, VIP customers and loyal or new users who have just started their adventure with a product or service. They usually expect extra care from the brand. Allowing these customers to choose from various communication channels depending on the subject they’re interested in has proven to be a way to create an exclusive customer experience.

This kind of player love being around people. They seem to be the happiest when they can relate to the emotions of the person that they serve at the moment. Emotionally intelligent, they not only rely on the given information but also react to the emotions that the client is showing during the conversation and act accordingly, which results in a better customer experience. It also means enhanced efficiency, as most of SnapCall’s users have noticed a 15% increase in the number of customer inquiries resolved with the first call .

You can test SnapCall for free, using a 7-day trial, but if you would decide to introduce it for good, you can use our Holiday Season coupon, and get 40% discount!

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Our bot provides information, both on our services as well as troubleshooting IT issues students may have with their online account. We’ve also added some regulatory information as we found many people were asking questions to the bot about rules and regulations on driving, so the bot can provide some basic information in the chat and then usually direct them to check out a blog topic we’ve written on the subject for more info.

While our bot cannot actually book appointments (our CRM was built by us and does not have the ability to integrate directly with LiveChat or ChatBot), the bot can take messages about proposed schedule changes, or availability and provide that info to us in the form of a ticket via HelpDesk for one of the live agents to follow up on, when they return to to work.

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Let’s introduce player 4!

KnowledgeBase – the human encyclopedia – the one that knows everything and won’t let you forget about it

You’ve probably met this guy. The one that trained his memory since childhood, which is right now at the photographic level. He memorized everything even before joining the company during recruitment process. No wonder, all he had to do was to read it.

He can be as annoying as helpful; spitting facts and knowledge in the least predictable and appropriate situations can sometimes drive you mad. But, on the other side, he knows everything. It’s really, really valuable to have him around during the work, especially, when you need the knowledge as quickly as possible, while trying to explain something to the client.

But you have to give him that, he’s trying to adapt. KnowledgeBase can be used inside and outside of the company. You can use a knowledge base to help:

  • Your customers . Some of them want to find answers on their own, and if you have a knowledge base solution, you can provide self-service 24/7. Your site visitors will get the answers they need, even if your support team isn’t nearby.
  • Your customer support team . Customer support agents can use the knowledge base to quickly search for answers to customers’ questions. That means no more learning all the answers by heart.

Keeping all this information in one place can also have more benefits. Onboarding new employees is much quicker when most of the knowledge is available in one place. A new employee can be tasked with reading the articles, and soon after that, they’ll be able to jump right away to tickets and chats.

If you want to try this self-service solution for 14 days for free, sign up for the KnowledgeBase free trial.

Here comes the time for our last player – Text Message app

Direct one – the guy that catches attention

This is a type of player that just knows when and what to say in order to catch the attention of the person which he wants to impress. Our biology is on his side – we’re dopamine-driven creatures, almost everyone has access to a phone, and checking for new notifications or messages creates a thrill. This excitement results in 95% of text messages from companies being read within three minutes of receiving them. Also, customers are four times more likely to respond to a text message than call back after receiving a voicemail.

You can choose from various channels and platforms to start sending text messages to your customers, including SMS, instant messaging, direct messaging via social media, and other commercial messaging products. According to the Global Mobile Messaging 2020 report, WhatsApp leads in most markets except the U.S., where Messenger is the most popular app. WeChat dominates in China, while Line and Kakao Talk are favored in Japan and South Korea. In Russia, Telegram leads the way and is a quickly growing player.

You can choose a good partner for LiveChat in our marketplace, according to your needs and the channels used by your customers.
Whether it’s Apple Business Chat, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram or regular SMS messages, you can talk with your clients via these channels inside the LiveChat app.

They can be a great conversation starter and can then be escalated to phone calls or emails. In customer service software focused on messaging, you should look for features that allow you to schedule messages and use templates and personalization tags to reach more people quicker and in a more tailored way. Whatever channel you will use, this guy will surely help. :ok_hand:

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Big fan of many of these integrations! Apple Business Chat has been very successful for us as well as Messenger. We’ve recently made the switch for our text messages from Twilio to 2waySMS and are pleased with the added features so far.

It’s super convenient to have all these methods of communication filter through LiveChat and ensures we never miss a message! :star_struck:

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Great to hear that! Do you also use chatbot in those communication channels?

Of course! Our ChatBot :robot: is connected to all our communication channels. “He” takes over from our live agents every evening at 8pm and works through til 8am when the live agents return. Anyone who messages us through those various communication channels will get our ChatBot during those hours. Our ChatBot allows us to provide 24/7 support across whichever form of communication someone chooses!

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