A new way of messaging in LiveChat: beta testers needed

Hi guys!

I’m Ania, and I’m a researcher in LiveChat.

Some time ago, we mentioned that we’re working on a new way of messaging in LiveChat. In short: you’ll be able to talk asynchronously with your visitor. Here’s how it works exactly:

We believe it will change the way you communicate with your customers! That is why we keep looking for beta testers who would like to join us, share their thoughts about the feature, and help us shape it.

To join the beta tests, let me know under this post or via email a.haczkowska@livechatinc.com. I will get back to you with more details once we make sure your account’s settings match the testing requirements.

P.S. Psst! You’re the first ones who know. Early bird gets the worm!


This looks great… we have multiple channels, would it be possible to beta test for just 1 single channel or would it be account wide?

Hi Dan! Could you please explain what do you mean that you have a few channels? Do you have your LiveChat on different websites and would like to test it just on one of them?

Hi Agnieszka - yes that’s right, we have live chat on several of our customers websites (different channels) and would not want to beta test with those but would perhaps want to explore beta testing on an internal site.

I’m sorry but for the moment it’s not possible to have this feature only in one group - it works for the whole license. The only workaround is to have separate license but I assume this is not a good solution for you :wink:

Hi guys!

We wanted to better explain you how the feature works :muscle:If you’re interested in beta testing, please also check out this website: https://www.livechat.com/new-way-messaging/

I would like to try the beta!

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Hi there! Happy to hear that! I’m adding you to our “beta tests requesters” list :wink: and if you match the criteria our researcher will contact you via email! :raised_hands:

Hi there! A friendly reminder that we still adding new beta testers to the project :sunglasses:: https://www.livechat.com/new-way-messaging/

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This looks great! I would surely like to test this out

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Great! I’ve added you to our list. If you match the criteria, our researcher will contact you via email!

Hello, would love to test it out as well.

Thanks for reaching out to us!
You can sign up via the following link: