2021 in review: LiveChat, HelpDesk and the world

As 2021 has ended, it’s time for the review! In this topic, we will take a closer look into what has happened in products, also look into the most important trends of the last year and give you a short summary of what has changed in the company! :handshake:

This would be the first post summing up changes in our products(and not only!)
Let’s start with LiveChat!

Our Mailchimp integration got even better

With our newest version of Mailchimp integration, you can promote your newsletters with automated messages by creating interactive newsletter invitations based on customer profile and behavior. On the top of that, you can also trigger Mailchimp campaigns based on chat events thanks to chat tags that trigger automated marketing workflows after specified interactions.
This way, LiveChat used with Mailchimp becomes 360’ marketing and support suite!
Check it out!

You can now video call your customers from the LiveChat app

Another thing we accomplished this year was giving our customer more channels to communicate with their audiences. Now you can invite your customers to a voice call with a single click. Without phone numbers, additional apps, special equipment. While using SnapCall, your team has full control of who and when is provided with the possibility to get on an audio or video call and enable screen sharing.
See if it fits your support!)

You can help more customers with a more accessible chat widget

Around 10% of the world’s population live with a disability. It’s likely that some of them will want to use your product or service at some point, but what if their impairments make it impossible to order because your product or service is inaccessible? To help you avoid a scenario like this, we made certain adjustments to make our product more accessible . For example, we made our Chat Widget more accessible by adding support for assistive technologies like screen readers. Now, they can read messages in the chat out loud. We also adjusted color contrast and keyboard navigation.

Check out the next post in which we sum up the most significant changes in HelpDesk!

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We have to start somewhere, so when it comes to HelpDesk, we will start with…the beginning.


In 2021, we added HelpDesk to our Community! Now HelpDesk users can ask here for help, share their stories and learn from LiveChatters. The more of us here, the better, so we look to the future with optimism, knowing that we have two more products. :v:

There will be more and it’s going to be better :slightly_smiling_face:

But what changed in the product in 2021?

We integrated it, we developed it, we automated it and we educated our customers.

  1. The integration worth mentioning: HelpDesk x Shopify :shopping:

With our still fresh integration, you can serve the customers of your Shopify store more efficiently.
HelpDesk will allow your team to help each other with the tickets, and they will find all of them in one place. Our tool will become a place where you can find all your customer communication. Its automation features will also release you from repetitive work, so you will be able to focus on more complex cases.

Give it a shot!

  1. A really nice new feature – merging tickets :handshake:

It is a simple, but a useful possibility. Now you can merge sub tickets with the main ticket and keep your dashboard clean and organized. For example, if you have more than one ticket to solve for a single customer, you can merge them, so you won’t lose the outlook on his overall experience.

Let’s see how to do it.

  1. A bunch of ready-made automated workflows :gear:

Sending follow-up, setting higher priority, adding a tag in specific conditions, assigning tickets, sending a private note, and many, many more. Choose your fighter. We’ve designed specific workflows for you to implement in your support in just a few clicks.

Check them out!

  1. HelpDesk Handbook – if you don’t know where to start, start there. :raised_hand::open_book:

We’ve gathered our knowledge about HelpDesk and created a Handbook for every newcomer, so introducing it into support would be easier. Tips, tricks, best practices, and hard knowledge is there, and it’s really easy to navigate. If there is an area in our product that still looks like a dark forest to you, it will help. And if don’t, I’m sure you will still find something interesting.

Dive in!

Our next post will be about our company!

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And here comes another summary of 2021, this time it’s our own!

How did our company thrive in the last year? Let’s start with numbers.

We’ve crossed 34k clients! It might look like another big number, but for us, it’s proof that hard work, dedication, and passion really work! To us, each of these numbers is not just statistics. They are steps towards our goal – communication without barriers .

If we’re talking about a journey, it’s important to look at people who are going with us!

In 2021, our team grew and crossed 200 employees! Right now, LiveChat consists of more than 250 people cooperating towards bringing our vision to life. Since 2020, we are fully remote – our team works from 62 cities from 6 countries!

Our whole team had an opportunity to meet each other during WHOA Week, when everyone was invited to our headquarters in Wroclaw. Take a look at the glimpse of LiveChat’s atmosphere!

Another secret ingredient of our company’s atmosphere is curiosity. To cultivate it, we introduced a fifth sprint.

To put it short – in LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk and KnowledgeBase, we work in a system in which we plan our tasks for the next four sprints. Each of these periods lasts two weeks. This year, we added a fifth sprint! During this time, we drop our usual tasks and focus on projects that we always wanted to do, but didn’t have time to put into realization.

During the extra sprint, we can:

  • focus on innovations;
  • complete courses and educate ourselves;
  • test various tools and processes which could improve our work;
  • chat with our customers (in order to let our Support Heroes take part in the project);
  • plan our future work

If you’re curious about what we have accomplished during the 5th sprint, let us know below, we will show you some extras :sunglasses:

Our next post will be about trends in 2021 which you wouldn’t like to miss!