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8:00am PST on Monday, 5th December 2016

Tickets in LiveChat

with Bartosz Olchówka

Introducing the new addition to LiveChat – tickets. Learn how they can improve your customer service and how to use the available reporting and best practices to turn your team into customer stars.

During the webinar, we discussed the following topics:
  1. What are tickets and how they work.
  2. New reporting options for chats and tickets.
  3. Tickets good practices.
Additionally, a Q&A session took place after the webinar. You can check out the Slideshare presentation:

Video from webinar

Questions asked during the webinar

Is this live at the moment, or will it be implemented at a different time?
It’s already live :)
Can we customize the email template sent out which originally informs our customer that a ticket has been made? We want to avoid them feeling like a ticket/case in a lineup
Unfortunately currently there’s no such possibility, but we will take it under consideration!
Is that auto-email sent when a ticket is created? It looks more like an email coming in and an answer?
The auto-email is very similar. It shows the new ticket has been created along with the visitor’s message
This is very similar to Zendesk, which my company already has an account with, sadly its a 50/50 split between LiveChat & Zendesk. You both have features we really like. Is there a way to view & link the customers live chat session & Zendesk tickets?
Our integration with Zendesk allows you see previous tickets of the visitor.
If we already have a ticketing system like Salesforce in place – this would not be needed – right?
If you are already using a ticketing system, you can still use it without any problems, it’s your choice :)
Is there an automatic reply when the ticket is made?
Yes, the visitor receives an email notification that the ticket has been created.
Can you tell me the level of detail available on individual agent reports?
You will be able to see first response time, resolution time and number of solved tickets grouped per day, week or per hour.
How quickly can I move from another ticketing system to use the tickets in LiveChat?
You just need to forward your support emails into LiveChat and that’s it. Our ticketing system is very simple to use, so it should be a quick switch for your company.
It seems that access to tickets is limited to online agents. If I have 5 seats plan and 5 agents are online, a 6th one cannot access tickets, correct?
Yes, agents working with tickets are counted in concurrently logged in agents limit. However, agents can also reply to ticket’s notification emails, so they can work with tickets without being logged in LiveChat.
Will we be notified when the ticketing system is available for the desktop app?
Yes, we will definitely let you guys know.
Is there a way to import history? You said: It’s available only via our API. How I get that?
(We’ve understood this question incorrectly during the webinar.) Importing previous chats or tickets history from other systems into LiveChat is currently not possible.
I wonder if it is going to be sent to one email we make like the Also, any details for phone number because my main chat goal is to collect patients numbers so we will be able to open their files.
Yes, you can forward all your support emails into LiveChat and they will be created as tickets.
Can emails from this system appear to come from our email?
No, setting up a custom domain for ticket notification emails is not yet supported.
If a chat has multiple questions, can we split the chat into separate tickets?
Yes, you can create multiple tickets during a single chat.
Can you show how to add an internal comment?
Just click on the “incognito” icon in the top-right corner of ticket’s response textarea.
If we have the Zendesk integration already, will this new ticket system replace that? This seems easier to manage than Zendesk since everything is in LiveChat.
We haven’t changed anything in terms of integration with Zendesk – it works the way it worked previously. However, you can switch to LiveChat tickets by disabling the Zendesk integration and setting up email forwarding in Settings > Channels > Email.
Is there a way to report on number of tickets per customer? We use it with a set group of 800 customers, good to know which ones use it the most.
Currently there’s no such feature available.
Is there a Knowledge Base (FAQ) section for repeat questions or location that a customer can go to for help first?
We don’t offer a Knowledge Base feature built directly into LiveChat, but you can integrate your LiveChat with our Knowledge Base app. You’ll be able to build a public Help Center to let your customers find answers on their own. Learn how to add a Knowledge Base widget step by step.
Does the Zendesk integration pull Zendesk tickets into the LiveChat history and vice versa?
No, Zendesk integration works independently from LiveChat tickets. Tickets are saved only in Zendesk (if integration is turned on) or LiveChat (if integration is disabled).
It seems access to tickets is limited to online agents. Do I need to buy more seats to have access to tickets?
Yes, agents working with tickets are counted in concurrently logged in agents limit. However, agents can also reply to ticket’s notification emails, so they can work with tickets without being logged in LiveChat.
Is it possible to link a ticket number to a solution?
Currently there’s no way to assign additional information to the ticket.
As an agent, can i answer a ticket by email, or do I have to enter the platform? Will it feed in the tickets platform?
Yes, agents can reply to email notifications and the response will be immediately sent to the customer. The message will be also available in the ticketing system.
Is this change automatically happening or do we have our choice on using this ticket system. Are we able to keep our existing setup of missed chats being forwarded to a desired mailbox?
Nothing has changed if you are forwarding missed chats to a desired mailbox. You can start using tickets in LiveChat by disabling the forwarding to your custom email address.
What export formats are there?
Supported export formats are: CSV and TSV. These formats are fully compatible with Microsoft Excel. Please note that the export feature is available only in the Enterprise plan.
We are open 8am to 8pm. If a customer opens a ticket at 10pm, does the “first response” count the hours during the night when we are closed or just count the hours starting from when we reopen?
The “first response time” metric is counted even when beyond your working hours.
Can you export a chat?
You can send a single chat transcript to your email in Archives section.
For the customer database – is it possible to have an image “auto re-sized” for customer profiles, instead of having to manually resize the images?
Customer’s photos appear only when they log in using Facebook, and in that case image should be resized automatically. Cropping agents’ avatars will be available soon.
As an agent I answer to => will the client get it?
Yes, if agent replies to ticket notification email, the client will get this response immediately.
What the email responses look like to our customers in general?
Email notifications sent to customers look the very same way as agents’ notifications ones. The only difference is that customers don’t see internal comments and ticket events (such as “Ticket status changed to Pending”).
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