How Trends Are Changing with Unified Communication

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Jun 26, 2018
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Unified communication team

Cloud-based unified communication is a platform that has all the possible ways of making communication. It includes phone calls, emails, chat or plain text messaging. It is a virtualized software platform that uses the cloud technology.

A wire-based networking infrastructure comes with a lot of hassle. Because of this basic reason, the need for a cloud-hosted communication is severe, today. Cloud-hosted unified communication solutions have come up with genuine ideas towards customer success. In this way, the need to digitize the medium of communication has become more important with time.

A survey done with a bulk of companies suggests that they believe in the cloud. Most of the companies are willing to take their communication infrastructure on cloud fully or partially. The only concern that deters them to do so is the fear of change and the unknown results that will follow.

One of the biggest changes is the way we plan and work today. New users of cloud expect that the way cloud is going forward, it is highly likely that the laptops will become obsolete in some time. As mobile phone itself will be capable of doing most of the work.

Cloud has brought a paradigm shift in the way IT functions. One big idea that has come up with the cloud is, its adaptability. And this is one main reason that cloud has helped unified communication to become mainstream.

Unified communication is about being accessible on various platforms that customers use to communicate. It comprises every possible channel such as email, voice, data, video and conferencing on a single platform.

In this article, we will discuss, how unified communication is making a mark on business success today.

What Makes Unified Communication a Superb Option Today

In any organization, there are two kinds of communication that happen, internal and external. The internal communication needs to be streamlined to make. An organisation with a solid platform of communication proves to be successful in delivering seamless experience to the customers.

Another type of communication happens with the external organisation or enterprises or customers. External communication demands to be flawless and immediate. Both external and internal communication need an active platform to make it all happen.

Cloud technology has helped substantially in making such a platform that takes care of every point to make a complete solution. Now, let’s analyze this in more details.

Scaling Up or Down Of Infrastructure

Business communication gets easily manageable if you have just one interface to communicate. Every ongoing communication can be easily monitored towards business results where cloud has played a really important role. It makes a flexible infrastructure with a hardware-free system.

Some companies are trying to implement a mix of both hardware and cloud-based solutions. It gives them an option to learn about the functioning of cloud and how it is better than the traditional infrastructure.

And since the cloud-based communication is totally compatible with every handheld device, the whole communication infrastructure can work on the move.

In the same manner, it can also be scaled down as per the need to save the cost. For example, live chat is an easy tool to get in touch with the employees in an organization. Customers also use it while visiting a website, when they want to know more about the product.

If you're interested in boosting your communication with customers, you can also add LiveChat to your website. Just sign up for our 30-day trial and start chatting for free.

Spend According to Your Business Needs

If your small scale business is in its phase of growth, then it gets essential to watch over the expenditure. The decision for a product or service should be dependent on the existing need and ability to invest.

A cloud-based unified communication solution allows you to pay for what you use. There are various ways unified communication saves your cost. No hardware, no physical set up, everything runs on cloud. A small scale of business needs an intelligent investment of money. In this way, unified communication is the safest way to deploy money on a cloud-based multi purpose communication channel.

Making A Workplace More Productive

A well-designed product or service is an answer to the existing need of customers or a business problem. When more people take part in the discussions and also come up with their individual insights, the problems have easy and apt solutions.

Cloud is one such technology that makes a platform accessible for everyone from everywhere. It also makes easier for employees to take part in the discussion from anywhere in the world. The employees get real-time updates and information. It results in an enhanced productivity as every employee has the right information at the right time when it is needed.

Moreover, unified communication enables you to do business communication even on the move.

More Climate-Friendly Solutions

The cloud-based solutions help the climate because they are hardware free. They also reduce all the possibility of IT wastes that worsens the current climate condition. Unified communication ensures that the power consumption should be minimum.

A lot of natural resources are consumed to produce electricity. So, taking your infrastructure on cloud helps in saving the environment. Because today, data centers are taking various measures to go green and save the climate. So, if you are opting for a cloud-hosted unified communication solution then you are also helping the climate.

Who Have Adopted Unified Communication

According to a recent article from Forbes, the ease of unified communication is making the adoption process an easy way ahead. For cloud-based document sharing, 35% have already done it and 18% are planning for it. In case of cloud-based email services, 28% are doing it and 16% have already made up their minds to do it. And in case of cloud-based contact center services, 24% have done it and 19% are planning to do it. It shows unified communication has already taken the plunge towards bringing a big change.

Here it is necessary to mention here that the big home appliances company, Singer has set an example. Singer Equipment Corporation has already shifted to unified communication. They positively believe that cloud will bring the end of laptops. The cloud-based phone system is easily manageable via an internet web portal.

Gartner has defined unified communication as products (equipment, software, and services) that facilitate the interactive use of multiple enterprise communications methods. This can include control, management, and integration of these methods. Unified communication products integrate communication channels (media), networks and systems, as well as IT business applications and, in some cases, consumer applications and devices as well.

PwC has suggested a total 55% of Unified communication adoption by the SMEs (small and medium enterprises). It is also one of the best solutions to tackle the existing business challenges.

So, the coming times will bring unified communication to the forefront. Because it has emerged as one such medium that fulfills every need of communication leading to business success.

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