Upscope Co-browsing
Upscope Co-browsing
Cobrowse with your customers instantly and solve problems efficiently
Developed by Upscope
Works with   LiveChat

Upscope Co-browsing is for instantly seeing what your customer sees, without downloads.

It replaces having to ask lots of questions about what they see, whether they can send screenshots or asking them to download screen sharing,

In one click from LiveChat you can not only see what the customer sees but also send your cursor over the internet to appear on their screen to click for them and type for them, as if you're sitting next to them.

You can now onboard and support even your least technical customers by instantly seeing their screen and clicking and typing for them when they get stuck, without them having to figure out how to install screen sharing.

Save 30% in time on each support request by seeing the problem in one click.

Increase your conversion and retention by rapidly fixing problems and educating customers.

Raise your NPS and CSAT scores by providing fast memorable resolutions.

Support staff will enjoy helping customers and not have to repeat themselves.

Key Features

See a customers screen in one click, without downloads
Neither the customer nor the agent needs to install anything. In one click you go from live chat to seeing what they see.
Scroll, click and type for them on THEIR screen
Send your cursor over the internet to appear on their screen to click for them and type for them, as if you're sitting next to them.
Instantly see the screen of someone who phones you
If they call you rather than live chat with you, you can still instantly see their screen by asking for a 4 digit unique support code generated for them.
Granular level administrative controls and team management
For larger enterprises you can create multiple teams with granular permissions on what each team member can see and control.
Secure and compliant software
With minimal data storage and compliance with ISO, HIPAA, GDPR and more, Upscope is trusted by companies worldwide in medical, financial, SaaS and other industries.
New: Screenshots
See screenshots of key pages the customer visited before they opened up LiveChat. This will help you resolve problems by seeing what a customer sees even when they are not online.


Save 30% of your time for every support request
Companies have saved between 20% to 43% of their time on typical support and onboarding of customers using Upscope by instantly seeing and understand the problem without needing to ask questions.
Improved conversion and retention
Increase your conversion and retention by educating even your least technical customers because they won't need to download anything and you can talk them through an interface by clicking with them.
NPS and CSAT rises

Raise your NPS and CSAT scores by providing fast memorable resolutions that very few companies provide.

Staff satisfaction improves
There's nothing worse than excess meaningless repetition in work and LiveChat support staff will be much happier educating customers on software and fixing problems than repeatedly asking the same questions.

Tutorial & Support

App tutorial and setup instructions how to use and properly configure this app with your LiveChat account.
To get help and support contact Upscope. You can also suggest improvements or request new features in the upcoming versions of Upscope Co-browsing.
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