Private TODOs
Private TODOs
Private chat to-dos using Microsoft TODO
$2 / mo, per agent

This application allows you to create and manage your TODOs and Notes directly in LiveChat, connecting them with your customers and chats. You can quickly find all the TODOs connected to the currently viewed chat or customer. Application uses free Microsoft TODO (old Wunderlist) account ( to safely keep and manage your TODO list. It keeps your TODOs as a separate list without touching your private lists so you can safely use your active Microsoft TODO account. "Private TODOs" doesn't keep any data. All data created and edited by this application is managed by Microsoft TODO. You can access and edit the data directly in the Microsoft TODO application too (

Key Features
TODOs connected with customers and chats

Organize tasks and notes related to your customers and chats from My chats, Archives, or Customers list views.

Quick filtering by customer and chat

Optionally see only the tasks connected to the current customer or chat. Very helpful while scrolling archives to get all private notes for the chat at hand.

Fast TODOs search

Find any task or note using quick search bar.

All customer and chat private notes in the LiveChat App

You get immediate access to all your important chats and customers private notes directly in the LiveChat Agent Application.

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Tutorial & Support
App tutorial and setup instructions how to use and properly configure this app with your LiveChat account.
Contact to get help and support. You can also suggest improvements or request new features in the upcoming versions of Private TODOs.
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