Intercom vs. Zendesk

Compare Intercom and Zendesk and find the best live chat software for your business

...and maybe you will like LiveChat as well?

Chat Window Design

Intercom provides a standardized chat window with its logo embedded into the chat trigger. It offers limited color/background customization without an option to modify the layout and unbrand chat window from the Intercom’s logo.

Zendesk Chat offers basic customization options, including colors and custom chat badge avatar. To unbrand the Zendesk Chat’s logo, you’d need the highest Enterprise plan, starting at $59 per agent per month.

LiveChat’s new chat window’s design provides you with a modern chat window’s look with customizable style, colors and positioning. LiveChat also offers a wide variety of eye-catchers letting you grab additional attention of your visitors and engage them into the conversation.

Chat + Email communication

Inbox Zendesk Chat LiveChat
$53 per month $19 per month $19 per month
Chat + Email
Inbox Zendesk Chat + Zendesk Support LiveChat
$53 per month $28 per month/per agent $19 per month

To start communicating with customers using chat and email, you need an Inbox product for Intercom (starting at $53 per month flat price) or a Zendesk Chat + Zendesk Support product for Zendesk (starting at $14 + $5 per month per agent). Both Intercom and Zendesk will let you communicate with your visitors via chat and email messages.

With LiveChat, you pay $19 for the LiveChat Starter plan, including the chat and email ticketing system, allowing for multi-channel communication with your visitors in one place. With LiveChat’s animated eye-catchers, you’d be able to grab additional attention of your visitors.

Chat + Email + Automated messages

Inbox + Messages Zendesk Chat Professional + Zendesk Support LiveChat
$106 per month $44 per month $39 per month

To start sending multiple automated messages to your visitors, you’d need to add additional product to your Intercom - Intercom Messages, starting at $53 per month. For Zendesk, you’d need to increase your Zendesk Chat plan to $29 per month. Both of the solutions would offer automated triggered messages, depending on the actions your users take on your website.

With LiveChat’s $39 monthly plan, you get unlimited greetings which let you easily greet your visitors depending on the time they spend on your website, countries they come from or their traffic source. Use this data to target your customers even better with personalized automated messages.

Chat + Email + Automated messages + Bot

Inbox + Messages limited customization Zendesk Chat Professional + Guide Prolimited customization LiveChat + unlimited bot creator
$106 per month $94 per month $89 per month

With Intercom, you’d be able to set-up automatic responses using Operator functionality, within Messages product. With Zendesk Guide Pro (starting at $50 per month), you will be able to respond to customers when you’re not available to chat by setting up simple answers.

Using LiveChat’s ChatBot you get access to the extensive bot factory which allows you to create custom scenarios for automated messages based on the keywords used in the conversations.

You can also connect your ChatBot with other tools you’re already using like Slack or Facebook Messenger.

Chat + Email + Automated messages + Bot + Knowledge Base

Inbox + Messages + Articles Zendesk Chat Professional + Guide Pro LiveChat + +
$155 per month $94 per month $89 per month

With Intercom Articles (additionally $49 per month), you’d be able to create your knowledge base materials as a guide for your visitors. Using Zendesk Guide (starting for free for Zendesk Support users), you will also set up guidance materials for your website.

LiveChat provides you with an access to a free platform. Create any type of knowledge base materials and use them easily within your LiveChat conversations.

Summary table

Chat communication Yes Yes Yes
Email communication Yes Yes Yes
Auto messages Yes Yes Yes
Bot Limited Limited Unlimited with ChatBot
Knowledgebase Yes Yes Yes
Real-time view of visitors typing No No Yes
Brand removal No No Yes
24/7 customer support No No Yes