Webinar about the remote, multilingual customer support - we're looking for quotation 😎

Hi all!

Agnieszka from LiveChat & HelpDesk here!

Next week, we’re planning to record an online webinar with another company, Packhelp, about building a remote customer service team. I thought that maybe some of you already has this experience and would like to share their thoughts and get quoted in the webinar. We’ll discuss:

  • How does the recruitment and onboarding processes work for people from different countries and in different time zones?
  • Does every language need a separate team and Manager
  • How to control and supervise the quality of customer support when working in different countries with different languages?

:point_up_2: If you’d like to share your thoughts on the topics above, please share it here and I’ll ask you if we could use it in the webinar as an example :wink:

P.S. In our Support Team we also figure out these issues as we’re planning to hire new people in different time zones - we’ll appreciate all the tips :)!