Get Your Online Store Ready for the Black Friday

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When the days are getting shorter, leaves are changing colors and you need to take out a coat from your closet, you know the winter is coming.

For your business it means one thing – the busiest time of the year! The snow might not be here yet, but you need to get your website ready for the storm. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday storm, to be specific.

Now, it’s time to get ready for the Holiday Shopping Season! Learn about what you can expect in your ecommerce store and what still needs to be done. Don’t get surprised by all of the customers who will suddenly be ready to “buy now!”

Fruitful Holiday Shopping Season!

Olga Kolodynska Olga Kolodynska

Get prepared for the Black Friday

Join us on the Black Friday course and learn:

1. How to prepare your ecommerce store for customers’ storm

Heavy traffic, not enough stock and shipments trouble? Not anymore!

Our course will teach you step by step how to get ready for the Holiday Shopping Season.

2. How to provide an amazing customer experience with live chat

You will be dealing with tons of customers on your website. Find out what tools and skills you need to handle them.

The better your customer service, the more sales you can expect. Don’t leave it up to chance and step up your game!

3. What more you can expect?

You will get access to the report with 1,400 ecommerce companies data, service benchmarks and revenue increase predictions!

What a better way to find out what’s coming and get ready for it?

Test yourself and get benefits

Our course will end up with a quiz testing your customer service and ecommerce knowledge!

Do well on the quiz and get a 15% off your first LiveChat payment!

Start the course and get a 15% discount for your first LiveChat payment!

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