Offer in-app support in your mobile application

Install LiveChat widget in your mobile app

Do you have mobile app on Android or iOS? Great! Allow your customers to contact your support within the app and implement LiveChat widget into your mobile application.

Easy installation

You don’t need to reorganize your project to install LiveChat widget in your app. All it takes is a short code snippet that easily integrates with the one you already have. It takes a few minutes, tops! Then you can start chatting with your visitors!

See the instructions for:
Android and iOS

Use data you gathered about customers and provide quicker support

When you gather information about customers in your CRM, LiveChat widget will recognize them when they come back to chat with you.

There’s no need for them to fill out pre-chat survey and give you name and email once again. That’s what we call smooth experience!

Adjust the look of the widget

You can decide on the theme of your widget! Once you customize your chat window to better fit your website, it will look just as great on your mobile widget!

If you want to go with a different look, you can easily set up different layout for desktop and mobile versions.

Visitors can browse the app while waiting for your response

Visitors don’t have to look at the chat window when waiting for your response. They can browse your app and still enjoy the experience.

Customers can share files over LiveChat Upload

Sometimes it’s difficult for customers to describe an issue they’re facing. Sending a screenshot to the agent can help recognizing the problem and coming up with the solution faster.

Using your in-app support, customers can upload their files in a simple way without switching to email. It makes the whole experience much better.

Provide customer support
in the best way possible

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