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LiveChat launches the Community platform

|Oct 25, 2018

Today LiveChat announces the launch of the Community platform. In this place, customers are able to connect with other users, experts and developers to find answers to their questions and share experiences. That is the next step in creating a platform around the LiveChat products.

Currently, the LiveChat product is used by more than 25,000 businesses from 150 countries. Although they are not all from one industry and have a different size or business perspective, many of them have the same experiences while using LiveChat.

Thanks to the Community platform, LiveChat wants to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge among users. The discussions concern using LiveChat in the best way, but also improving the company’s customer support with tips and best practices from others.

The platform is going to be the next place where users can contact LiveChat’s employees (the first one is customer support available 24/7/365).

Our idea wasn’t to create a help or support center, but rather, to allow our users to contact our developers or product managers. We want to be in constant contact with our customers, listen to their feedback and keep them up to date with our updates. Many new features introduced to our products are born through communication with them. I think that inclusion is a key word when it comes to building a strong community around a product. It is crucial to make people feel that they have an impact on the products they are using if we want them to use our solutions often and talk about them more.
Agnieszka Jaśkiewicz, Community Manager at LiveChat

The “Community” is the next, important step in transforming current LiveChat’s business model into a platform. From the platform perspective, the interactions between LiveChat customers, partners and developers are the core value, unlike the SaaS model where the core value is a product itself. In fact, exchanging information, sharing resources or services happen among every group. Hence, the “Community” is also expected to drive the LiveChat for Developers program. Developers, who are registered in the program, will be able to learn about customers’ needs and thanks to it, create applications that fully meet their expectations.

When it comes to the Community platform, LiveChat puts a lot of attention to valuable communication. Anyone can browse the community, however, if you want to contribute (publish posts and respond to them), you need to be logged in to the LiveChat’s account.

In this way, we want to avoid publishing any marketing announcements, keeping the platform clear and straight to the point. We focus on users who help and want to be helped. Thus, letting the community grow naturally and organically.
Agnieszka Jaśkiewicz, Community Manager at LiveChat

Since 2002, LiveChat has been focused on building the best products. Now, the feeling in the company is that it’s time to create a venue where the customers can communicate with each other and help to create an even better solution. The center of this community isn’t the company but the users.

Boston, MA – October 25, 2018

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