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LiveChat hits 20,000 customers in 150 countries

|Jun 21, 2017

LiveChat, the company behind the popular communication platform, confirmed it now enjoys a portfolio of 20,000 businesses using its product.

In the last seven years, the company has rapidly built its customer base across industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, education, HR, hosting or automotive. LiveChat, in 2015 reported 10,000 paid customers, doubled this number in just two years.

58% of the customers come from the United States and Canada. LiveChat is used also by the businesses from Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. The flexibility of the platform ensures it can be used both by small companies and large enterprises such as Asus, GoDaddy, Liquid Web, Stripe, Hulu, Roku or Huawei. The customer portfolio is completed by Fortune 500 companies including Best Buy, Home Depot, Macy’s, PayPal and Xerox.

We started our LiveChat journey with small and medium businesses and we can proudly say that over the time some of them have grown with us. However, since we’ve changed our business model from classic sales approach to SaaS in 2010, we’ve become even more attractive to the enterprises. Currently, we are monitoring the activity of over 1 billion end-users visiting our customers’ websites every month. That scale is exciting and gives us a lot of opportunities!
Szymon Klimczak, CMO at LiveChat

To date, LiveChat employs 70 people. In addition to marketers, content writers, developers or market researchers, there is also the Support Team which works 24 hours a day. These 17 Support Heroes answer on average 23,000 questions monthly and, from the beginning of 2017, keep 98,5% customer satisfaction rate.

Yet, LiveChat customer experience isn’t only based on efficient support, but also on the base of knowledge about the product and the running successful customer service. The company promotes that know-how among the target groups with the zero-budget marketing and without a sales team, consequently following the inbound strategy. LiveChat pays attention mainly to education, engagement, and word of mouth which for the company are much more valuable than paid advertising.

When a website owner becomes a LiveChat user, the opportunity to chat with the customer is just the beginning. The platform also allows for the company to monitor the website’s traffic or engage with the visitors by LiveChat greetings, with a profound effect on the conversion rate. By virtue of the several dozen integrations, including Salesforce, Kissmetrics, Google Analytics, HubSpot or Facebook and Twitter, any company can customize the platform in a way that fully fits its business needs.

LiveChat is being consequently developed and improved. In the nearest future, the new goal for the company will be to implement the chatbots factory. At it’s core, the natural language understanding framework will give a huge business opportunity to both small and bigger companies willing to develop or improve their customer service.

Boston, Massachusetts — 21 June 2017

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