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BotEngine launches Academy to help its users master chatbots

|Nov 12, 2018

BotEngine’s users can now use a new section in the app that enables them to explore all the ins and outs of creating chatbots for any business scenario. It’s now easier than ever for a company to build a chatbot that fully meets its needs in a specific area of its business.

BotEngine is a chatbot factory, that focuses on no-coding, one-click integrations, and the freedom to create scenarios for any business situation. Thanks to the platform, almost every company can implement bots in its communication with customers. The tool was rolled out as an independent product in March this year by LiveChat, a provider of an app for customer service and online sales.

From now on, BotEngine users can create chatbots supported by Academy, a new built-in section in the application. It’s dedicated to especially those users who don’t want to spend their precious time studying the BotEngine’s docs and tutorials. Academy is going to guide the beginners through quick solutions to become a chatbot expert. In Academy, a user may find complete lessons that show in a few minutes all shortcuts, best practices, and pieces of advice to build a complete chatbot for a specific business need.

We’re aiming to create a venue, where our users can learn more about the platform functionalities, both basic and advanced, such as stories, interactions or rich messages. In the future, we’re going to supplement Academy by including new chatbot scenarios, as well as those which are dedicated to concrete integrations.
Dariusz Zabrzeński, Head of Research and Development at LiveChat

Specifically, while creating chatbots in the BotEngine app, users can integrate them with their Slack, Facebook Messenger or LiveChat accounts.

Academy helps especially those users who are feeling the need to automate a part of their communication with clients but don’t know how to go about it. Academy educates as well as supports a company in its digital transformation. BotEngine’s creators focused on making the application as easy as possible for its users and in this way, realized the idea of creating chatbots without programming skills.

In the Academy section, a user can find various lessons that will guide him through the complete process of building a bot. Following them allows him to create a ready-to-use chatbot story. Each lesson covers a different bot scenario and emphasizes a different part of the building process. Being built into the application, Academy is free for BotEnigne users.

Available lessons:

Lead Generation bot

The lead generation bot boosts both the quantity and quality of a company’s leads by auto- qualifying them 24/7 and sending the collected data to the backend for further auto-evaluation.

Welcome bot

The welcome bot takes all incoming chats, handles all simple cases and leaves the difficult ones to a company’s customer service team.

After Hours bot

A bot which gathers data from customers while support agents are offline.

Competition Bot

A bot that engages a company’s audience in a short competition that gives them a chance to get to know a brand and a company, and gives a company a chance to better understand its customers.

Appointment Bot

A bot that assists a company in handling all of the booking processes and sends collected details to the backend.

Survey Bot

An engaging bot that asks for user feedback and saves all collected data, allowing a company to get to know its customers’ opinions and build its mailing list.

Boston, Massachusetts — November 12, 2018

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