Turn customer insight into real-time action

Loris is a real-time intelligence layer for digital customer service and support teams to ensure customer service agents say the right thing at the right time, every time.

CX teams can lower costs while better serving customers who expect quality support every time they reach out.

Loris provides end-to-end value across across support operations departments:

  • For CX leaders, and their QA, Ops, and Analyst leads, Loris enables the ability to test and learn which responses or policies are most effective, aggregate those outcomes into insights, and a centralized CMS to roll out best practices to all frontline agents.
  • For frontline agents, Loris analyzes both the reasons customers reach out and their initial sentiment, and then guides agents in real time with suggested responses to respond efficiently, accurately and empathetically.

Loris’s clients have materially reduced customer churn while improving the quality of conversations (CSAT) and lowering hard costs of their support operations.

Key Features

Sentiment analysis
Loris provides a sentiment score on every customer message so agents and management understand how customers are feeling throughout the conversation
Intent classification
Loris provides best-in-class highly accurate intent classification capabilities that enable companies to understand what topics and issues their customers are talking about across digital conversations
Real-time text suggestions for customer service agents
Loris guides agents on how to handle every conversation and ensures agents say the right thing at the right time, every time
Conversational Insights for management
Loris combines its state-of-the-art sentiment and intent data sets to deliver meaningful insights to show companies what their customers are most upset about. We also provide agent-level analytics, as well as a CSAT predictor that predicts CSAT across 100% of conversations.


Guided agent responses, for every interaction

Chatbots and deflection aren’t your only option for improved efficiency. Real-time guidance helps agents say the right thing, at the right time, with empathy and a distinctly human touch.

Take the “Manual” out of QA

Loris scores 100% of conversations instantly so you can focus on improving them. Take the tedious parts out of the review process and automatically evaluate all conversations.

Instantly analyze your churn threats and roll out retention
Discover the top reasons customers are frustrated, A/B test policies and strategies, and roll out the winning combination to your team.

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