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LiveChat for Travel industry

Convert travel enquiries into bookings

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Informed customers
are more eager to book

When choosing a perfect holiday destination, customers like to gather as much information as possible. Chatting is a quick and easy way of doing that. Providing information on lodging, prices, pet policy or even the weather may determine if a customer chooses one of your trips.

Most customers are on the site for information and the ability to engage them opens them up to dialogue with our agents, eventually leading to better conversion. LiveChat has increased our sales from 10 to 15 percent!

– Greg Fisher, CEO and co-founder of Tripshock

Send your expenses
on a one-way trip

You don’t have to spend fortune to offer good customer service. Thanks to LiveChat, travel agents can respond to several enquiries at the same time without breaking a sweat. Try doing that over a phone call! Send your expenses on a one-way journey by having fewer employees handle more enquiries.

We can reduce phone costs, increase time on site and increase conversions by offering suggestions via LiveChat.

– Greg Fisher, CEO and co-founder of Tripshock

Send your offer
in a flash

When your visitors ask about travel fees, you don’t have to write the same response over and over again.

LiveChat allows you to save answers to common questions about your offer and send them with only a few of keystrokes. Your visitors will appreciate the swiftness of your response!

We really enjoy the canned response feature which helps our agents answer some of the more frequent questions more quickly.

– Dustin Burke, IT Coordinator at Cabins of the Smoky Mountains

Best solution for tourism and travel services

Measure your
Manage your agents more effectively. See how many of your chats end up with a booking, how quickly your agents provide help and how satisfied your customers are.
Integral part
of the website
The chat window is fully customizable. Choose its style and add your logo so the page looks even more attractive.
Be available
Rush is an integral part of last-minute offer sniping. Stay in touch with your customers when they are in a hurry!

LiveChat in the travel
industry: Tripshock

TripShock gets a double-digit growth in sales by shifting customer service to LiveChat:

“We have increased interaction with our users by 50 percent since implementing LiveChat. Increased interaction has a direct correlation with sales and we see it in our conversions.”

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