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By creating an Account in our Services, you are accepting the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Data Processing Addendum, which constitute the agreement (the “Agreement”) between you and LiveChat, Inc.

When personal data is hosted or processed outside of the European Economic Area, GDPR requires that it remains protected by appropriate safeguards in line with EU law. LiveChat, Inc. meets these requirements. Most of our EU customers’ data is processed in the United States (where our headquarters are located). If we process EU customers data outside the EU we ensure that appropriate safeguards - required by GDPR - are in place. I.e. the Data Processing Agreements including up-to-date Standard Contractual Clauses (as the GDPR requirement) that meet the standard adequate to the categories of processed data based on Transfer Impact Assessment.

LiveChat, Inc. also stores/processes the personal data of your customers, visitors (end-users of the Service you use). We especially store data provided in the pre-chat survey, chat content, your customer’s email address and ticket content, ChatBot scenarios as well as your KnowledgeBase articles. Thus, if you collect your visitors’/end-users’/customers’ personal data and transfer them to us, you may need to gain their consent and/or notify them you use LiveChat, Inc.’s Services. You can find the instructions on how to customize your pre-chat survey (applies for LiveChat Service) to comply with this rule here - Prepare your chat for GDPR. If you wish and if they meet your company’s requirements, you can use one of (or more than one) the clauses we have prepared for you. The clauses can be found here - Prepare your Pre-chat form for General Data Protection Regulation. If you use HelpDesk, you may need to inform that you use LiveChat, Inc.’s Services (or include LiveChat, Inc. as a sub-processor on your sub-processors' list).

No, there is no need to sign the Agreement. Usage of the Services is subject to the then-current version of the Agreement posted on Sites operated by us from which the Services are available to you. In some cases when you are interested in the Enterprise plan (see our Pricing), we may prepare a dedicated Order Form for you that specifies mutually agreed upon rates for certain Services and other commercial terms, however, each Order Form executed is governed by this Agreement and is subject thereto.

We do not sign the DPA as a separate agreement anymore - the DPA is already an integral part of the Agreement, in meaning that it does not require a separate signature. The reason why we have included the DPA in the “Agreement” is the need to simplify the work and “keep it simple”

As a company offering its Services in SaaS model we are aware that the security of our customers and their data is crucial. We treat security as a basic aspect of our business. We know that it is a matter of trust. This is why we have implemented a number of safeguards even before GDPR was adopted. Currently, we made sure our safeguards comply with the regulation and adjusted some new ones if necessary. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Security Overview.

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