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WhatsApp Business

Connect with over 2.4 billion users through the WhatsApp Business integration.

LiveChat’s integration with WhatsApp, showcasing global connectivity
  • Text (or don’t!) just
    how you like it

    Use the file format most suitable for the situation — send photos, quick and convenient voice messages, share location, and more. Your customers will text just how they do it with their friends!

  • Official WhatsApp Business API

    This integration uses the official WhatsApp Business API, compliant with the WhatsApp Terms of Service. It’s perfect for handling both super heavy traffic at peak hours and fewer chats on public holidays.

  • ChatBot support

    Automate repetitive cases with the support of chatbots, so that your customers can get swift resolutions for the most common inquiries. When faced with more complex cases, you can always forward the chat to your agents.

  • Connect multiple phone numbers

    So you say you’re all about good organization and have multiple numbers for different departments? We got you covered. With this integration, you can connect multiple phone numbers added to your WhatsApp and route the messages to selected groups.

  • LiveChat’s interface on a smartphone displaying various WhatsApp message formats
  • LiveChat’s integration with the official WhatsApp Business API, featuring a verified badge
  • Chatbot’s feature interacting with a user on WhatsApp
  • LiveChat’s feature allowing connection of multiple WhatsApp accounts on different smartphones

Send outbound messages and campaigns

With the WhatsApp Business integration, you can send outbound messages to any of your customers — including custom marketing campaigns!

LiveChat’s dashboard sending out a marketing campaign on WhatsApp

Contact proactively

Prepare marketing campaigns and schedule them for later. You can send outbound campaigns to thousands of users!

Template message configuration with campaign variables

Use campaign variables

Send the campaigns with custom variables so that they feel personalized to the receiver!

Performance reports

See campaign reports

Drive informed decisions based on performance reports from all of your sent campaigns.


global open rate for WhatsApp messages

You can send a message on WhatsApp to many customers simultaneously. Use this to your advantage — create marketing campaigns, send promo codes, and more.

With WhatsApp’s impressive open rate reaching 98%, you’ll increase your sales and expand your reach in no time.

WhatsApp Business Search

Use WhatsApp to your advantage. Thanks to the new Business Search feature, your potential users can find and chat with local stores and businesses without even leaving the application.

This means your potential customers can text you straight from the sidewalk and close the sale as they go into your physical store. Ka-ching!

LiveChat’s feature highlighting the WhatsApp Business Search function

How Baró increased sales by 700%

Read the case study of Baró — a company that streamlined almost all of their ordering and customer care processes to WhatsApp. See how this strategic shift amplified sales, expedited package deliveries, and skyrocketed message open rates. The results speak volumes!

Read Case Study

increase in sales conversions compared to SMS

increase in sales coversions compared to email

Convert messages to sales

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