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Facebook Messenger

Use LiveChat to connect with more customers on Facebook.

Free integration Included with LiveChat

Handle Facebook messages with LiveChat

Provide a better experience for your customers...

Talk to customers where they already are. With our Facebook integration, they can leave you a message anytime they need. You answer when it suits you.

LiveChat and Facebook integration

...and for your team

Handle all messages from within LiveChat. Save time on switching between apps and stay sure that all customer queries are being handled.

LiveChat and Facebook integration
LiveChat for Facebook Pages

One LiveChat for all your Facebook Pages

You can use just one LiveChat license to answer messages coming from multiple Facebook Pages.

Easy team management

No matter how many Facebook Pages you have, everything stays within one app. Simplifying task distribution and agent performance analysis.

LiveChat and Facebook integration

Keep it clean with groups

If your agents have different areas of expertise, you can automatically assign messages coming from specific Facebook Pages to specific teams.

LiveChat and Facebook integration
LiveChat and Facebook integration - illustration

Easy integration

Connect your Facebook Pages for free with just a few clicks. No coding required.

Get Facebook Integration

Add ChatBot to the mix

Integrate ChatBot with LiveChat and let bots handle chats coming from your website and your Facebook pages.

Rich Messages

Send messages that are more personal, captivating, and intuitive than plain text. Try cards, buttons, or quick replies.

Chatbot rich messages for LiveChat integration - carousel

LiveChat bot actions

Bots can transfer chats to human agents or engage, nurture, qualify, and convert leads on their own.

Chatbot rich messages for LiveChat integration - buttons

Pre-made templates

Launch your first bot on your website in minutes using industry-oriented templates designed by professionals.

Chatbot rich messages for LiveChat integration - quick replies

Start using LiveChat now!

Free 14-day trial Team plan features No credit card required

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