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ForSaleByOwner is growing 100% a year since they implemented LiveChat



Increasing the number of sign–ups and sold packages.


Using LiveChat to improve customer service by offering better and faster help.


Winning new businesses by being able to help people ‘on demand’.

People who sell their houses need a real estate partner who can successfully market their property. One way to create this kind of confidence is making sure that your clients can always rely on you. That’s exactly what ForSaleByOwner believes and it was the main reason why they implemented LiveChat.
“We help thousands of people sell and rent properties online. We wanted our clients to feel they could rely on us when they need us.” — Colin Sacks, Owner of ForSaleByOwner
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Helping customers sell properties without commission

ForSaleByOwner, an australian company, helps people sell their homes without the involvement of real estate agent by providing them with proper marketing tools. Using their service, customers achieve the same, if not better, results and save thousands of dollars on commission and advertising costs. ForSaleByOwner worked hard to earn customers’ trust and the reputation of an industry leader. They wanted to offer the best service possible to their customers, so they started looking for a tool that would allow customers reach out to them quickly and on the spot: “we wanted a fast, real time way of talking to our clients,” said the owner Colin Sacks. “LiveChat seemed a clever way to achieve this. We did some research and your product looked the best.”
For Sale By Owner Customer Story
The company purchased two accounts. First one is for sales and is dedicated to the new customers who might be interested in signing up for one of their advertisement packages. The packages include different kinds of websites on which customers can advertise their property. The second LiveChat account is for support and is dedicated to existing customers who already signed up on the website and may need some help with their own accounts. According to Colin: “It works great for us as sales and support are split.” ForSaleByOwner’s customers are amazed how easy it is to get a hold of FSBO’s support. The company can maintain great support coverage over the day thanks to the use of mobile applications. It’s no surprise that this is company’s favourite feature. Agents chat with customers on their mobile devices when they’re out of the office and constantly provide help: “We find the mobile application great,” said the owner. “I am often using it to help people when I’m not at my desk,” he added. “We always have phones with us so we love that part LiveChat.” When agents cannot respond at a particular moment, visitors can always leave them a message. Agents receive the message as a ticket and respond to it as soon as possible. The company is really happy with this feature. Not only it increased the number of enquires from customers that would normally leave the page, but it also increased the company’s sales. “After-hours ticket–form always helps as it shows potential customer that we care,” said Colin. “As a result of this, we sell hundreds of packages.” ForSaleByOwner also uses canned responses which allow to recall pre–made messages with short tags and use them during chats. It shortens agents’ response time and influences the chat satisfaction of customers.

ForSaleByOwner business is growing by 100% a year

After implementing LiveChat, ForSaleByOwner improved the quality and speed of customer service on their website. Thanks to quick, real-time answers customers can rely on the company and entrust it with their property transaction: “LiveChat helps us win new businesses by being able to help people ‘on demand’,” said Colin. “Customers love using it as they feel we are always near if they need us.” More importantly, ForSaleByOwner has more sign-ups: “People who use LiveChat almost always sign up soon after chat. Since we have been using LiveChat our business has been growing by 100% a year,” said Colin. ForSaleByOwner plans on using LiveChat to provide fast service, increasing sales year after year.

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