Tutorial: connect Viber to LiveChat

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Hello :wave:

Connect Viber to LiveChat is simple and takes only a few minutes:

  1. Create Viber Bot on Viber Admin Panel and copy your Auth token.
  2. Install “connector” from LiveChat Marketplace.
  3. After installing the “connector”, open the Settings page.
  4. On the opened window, paste the Auth token from step 1 and click Connect.
  5. Open connected bot in the Viber and test it out. The written message will appear in your LiveChat :tada:

Now you can invite your customers to reach you on Viber. To create a link to your Viber chat, use the following template viber://pa?chatURI=URI and replace URI part with your actual URI from Viber Admin Panel.

To get help or support, please contact developer via Viber > More > Scan QR):


Thank you.