Simple app for taking notes seamlessly and connecting them with specific customer and chat

Have you ever had such situation that you wanted to note something down about the customer or current conversation to get back to it later? Now you can do it with Private TODOs app from marketplace .

Private TODOs application allows you to create and manage your private TODOs and Notes directly in LiveChat connecting them with your customers and chats. You are able to:

  • add any Todos/notes to any customer and chat,
  • check all the Todos and mark them as completed,
  • filter the notes by currently viewed customer or chat from the Chats, Customers and Archives sections of the LiveChat Application,
  • filter the notes by any keyword or chat ID to find them quickly,
  • add any notes independent of the chats and customers just to note something down for the future and not forget :).

Remember that all the notes are kept safely on Microsoft servers and accessible via Microsoft TODO even after you stop using Private TODOs.

All you need to do is install the app and try it for free for 7 days. Your feedback is as always very welcome :smiley:
For detailed app description check this article.