News in a Number: Ecommerce Breaks Through

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May 14, 2020
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13 million

First-time ecommerce customers last quarter in Latin America, according to Visa.

The rise in first-time buyers wasn’t limited to Latin America, but this is the number Visa chose to share in their quarterly report. Many think that once a person buys online, they will make a habit of it. That’s a good sign for ecommerce, even after the current crisis is over.

This is just one of the numbers we could have chosen to show the impressive rise of ecommerce over the past couple of months. Here are a few others.

Online home improvement

The homes and hardware are real in this case. These aren’t Animal Crossing home renovations, though those are getting more popular too. Apptopia reported a 69% year-over-year increase in hardware store app downloads. Hardware stores have been steadily investing in ecommerce for years without much result until now.


Online grocery shopping is up 110% in April, according to the Adobe Analytics Digital Economy Index. Ocado, a British online supermarket, had to stop selling bottled water to better manage the high demand. Bottled water is so heavy that carrying it would mean fulfilling fewer orders. The trucks are already hitting their loading limits without the water.

Online snack attack

The online food craze doesn’t stop at general groceries. PepsiCo is investing heavily in ecommerce platforms to sell their products online directly to consumers. The company recently launched and The second site even has a workout and recovery category, which seems targeted to all those working out from home now…

Running in place

Your stationary bike isn’t going anywhere fast, but sales of home workout gear are. Peloton reported 44 million completed workouts in the last quarter, double what they saw the quarter before. The company can’t produce its stationary bikes fast enough, despite the relatively high $2k price.