How to Get Business Opportunity Leads from Your LiveChat

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Jan 5, 2018
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Business opportunity leads

One of the possible outcomes of installing LiveChat on your website is getting more customers out of it.

No matter if you're in the industry in which sales almost drives itself, for example in online clothing stores, you still need to prove great support on your website. Simply because many people need to communicate with you before deciding to purchase your product.

It happens in tech companies, where the product is complex and visitors usually have a lot of questions about it. Having LiveChat on your website can help you generate more leads from visitors – read more to find out why and how this can be achieved!

Why live chat can help me in gathering leads

If you want to generate more leads, you need to attract more traffic to your website. One way to boost your traffic is to better utilize your SEO tools, ranking your website higher in the search results. And here’s the pro tip: the longer your visitors are on your website, the better your rank is when browsing through search engines.

As we all know, live chat engages users in conversations – as a result you may not only gain additional customers but also get them to spend more time on your website. That’s one of the things when it comes to business – you need to create opportunity leads. To make it easier, we are giving you the opportunity to work on the application itself, so that you can make most out of it.

Here’s how you can involve your visitors in a way that will get you more business leads.

Make your chat stand out

There are people whose job is to create a visual merchandising in shops with only one thing in mind – growing sales. They change the look of a shop window probably once a week or even more often. They basically do it to catch shoppers’ attention, often presenting the best things in the store but another reason as well. They want to convince people to enter the store itself.

There are many outstanding shop windows in the world – most of them were created by famous brands. They are a little pieces of art these days, stunning you with magic and mostly during Christmas time.

Burberry shop window
Prada shop window

You can do the same with your LiveChat window. There’re plenty methods of customization and I’m sure that there’s more than one look that fits your website.

My advice to you is to try different looks on your website and see how they work. Are there particular looks that bring users attention and generate more chats? You can check it in your reports. Play with the look, have fun with it and let your imagination be seen on your website!

There’s also an eye–catcher you can put on the website. Apply that and you will make sure that your customers will know that you have a chat on your website. When choosing the eye–catcher, make sure to pick a website that is most often visited by newcomers, like your pricing or contact page.

Another thing a salesperson does in a store is welcoming their visitors. Simple “hello," or “hello let me know if you need anything” makes it for a nice experience. You should definitely do the same in your live chat.

You can set up plenty of greetings - the customized messages that start a chat with visitors. And don’t be afraid to experiment! See which greetings are the ones that are most successful on your website.

You can also check out the article about customized messages that you can use to provide more personalized experience.

Staff your chat

Answer the questions - do I have visitors from the entire world? If you're mostly local, do your visitors visit you mostly during a day or night? (use Google Analytics to check that). If it turns out that you have a lot of traffic at night, it’s a good idea to hire a person who can be available on chat just then.

If you want to gather more business opportunity leads, there’s no other way than to answer customers immediately after they ask you a question. Also, installing the mobile app on your phone is also a good idea, as you will be able to reply to your customers queries when not in the office.

If you don’t feel the need or can’t afford a person handling chats at night, then you should create an offline form. It allows customers to leave you a message, so you can reply in the most convenient time for you. But remember to let them know which hours will you be back online, so they know when they can expect your response.

Analyze chats and draw conclusions

People working on chats should share their insights and experiences. A good idea is to have regular meetings with all the agents.

You should talk about the most common issues, mistakes you’ve made and the way you want to talk with customers. It will help create a transparent environment, improve agents’ skills and increase their self-esteem, so they can perform better when chatting with your customers.

LiveChat also gives you an immediate look into the needs of your customers.

Thanks to the chat transcripts, you can analyze all the interactions and gain better insight into every aspect of your business, making better decisions in the future. By knowing what worked in the past and what didn’t, you can use that to your advantage and gather more business opportunity leads, increasing your sales as a result.

Find the balance between support and sales

You don’t want to scare your leads by being too pushy towards them. Find the right tone for your business. Selling is not only about presenting offers – usually one after another – but it’s mostly about helping and answering questions that your customers may have.

If you don’t focus on selling through live chat but more on supporting customers, you may see that their trust in you has increased.

And the customers who trust you are customers who are more likely to engage. If you believe in your product, the more you talk with somebody about it, the more likely they will to actually buy from you. That’s a natural flow of a conversation that can happen on live chat and can help you sell.

Understand how your visitors want to communicate with you

Live chat doesn’t have to be the only communication platform for your visitors. It might get you new leads, make them interested in your offer, but it may happen that people will want to switch to phone or email. If that’ll be the case, don’t hesitate to let them do it. Understanding customers needs is a core of any customer service on the market. And if you will do it right, it’ll turn your visitors into customers.

I personally don’t like when I email holiday places, asking about available dates and they respond to me: “Can you please give us your phone number? It will make the communication and choosing the right date much easier.”

As a business owner, imagine that I’m just doing a research, I don’t know exact dates of my holiday (it mostly depends on your availability) and I’m not sure how long I want to stay. I need to find out the options, consider them and talk with my partner. If we would talk on the phone, you would give me dates but what’s next? I would hang up anyway to think about these dates. And that’s not closing a deal. That’s inconvenience for me, because I need to write them down anyway.

The only thing could have been done “smoother" here would be on the business owner's side – and that’s wrong. So don’t be too pushy with your leads and accept their preferred mean of contact. Unless a customer doesn’t ask you to contact in different way, don’t insist to do it.

Remember these points

Let’s sum up the most important points of creating business opportunity leads in your live chat:

Turning leads into customers

No matter the industry you work in, running a business is never easy. That’s why you should try to create as much business opportunity leads as you can.

By talking with customers on your website, you increase their engagement and in result you might rank higher in search engines. That’s one step closer to having more leads on your website. Then, you can do a lot to turn these leads into customers. Have fun with that!

Graphics sources: Pexels, Ftape, Designboom

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